#485 Taps

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for us today?

I offer these practices of balance and steadiness in order for you to continue evolving and progressing in your lives upon that earth. Begin each morning with ritual tapping.

1. Tap upon your head, opening your crown to guidance and awareness.

2. Tap upon your forehead for clarity of vision.

3. Tap upon your cheekbones for wisdom and vitality.

4. Tap upon your chin for energy.

5. Tap upon your throat for truth.

6. Tap upon your shoulders for stamina and balance.

7. Tap upon your heart center for self-love and inner guidance.

8. Tap upon your hips for the strength that is in you to come forth and guide you.

9. Tap upon your knees for swiftness and agility.

10. Tap upon your ankles for enabling the good energy of earth to flow unhindered into you.

11. Finish by tapping upon your hands for knowledge and creativity to guide you.

These practices will aid you in your growth, reminding you who you are, where you are going, but most of all, bringing forth your innate abilities, your connections within the self, and your interconnection to energy outside of you. Give your self permission to do this tiny and simple tapping practice each day, as part of your morning ritual. Slip it into your daily preparations. Even as you now prepare your self in other ways, so may this focus on the body self, the inner self, and the energy outside of you, offer you just enough grounding to align you in a positive and open manner.

This simple tapping practice, tapping once, twice, or thrice, as you choose, will stimulate your inner vision, wisdom, and creative powers and aid you as you make your decisions, find your way, and allow for interactions on all levels.

Do not be afraid to open the self in such a manner. It is so natural to be in alignment with the self, outer and inner energy combined, that eventually will you be asking your self how you ever got along without doing your morning tapping exercises.

I do not mean to burden you with yet another process, but you must admit that you do each need a grounding program that is simple and easy to do to send you off on your day. You might even offer your self this mantra as you do this exercise:

I tap myself awake.

I tap myself into awareness.

I tap myself into alignment.

I tap myself into the joy of life.

I tap myself into my body.

I align, and I am alive!

Thank you!