#483 A Time of Inner Resurrection and Rebuilding

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

My Dear Ones, this is test-taking time. You are being questioned as to your commitment to maturity, growth, and balanced awareness upon that earth. Your conscious awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and the meaningfulness of that which comes to you are being shown, as you go about your lives. Are you aware? Are you alert? Are you paying attention to the questions you are being asked? Are you finding your answers within?

Guide your self from within. As much as you seek guidance from outside of you, so is this a time of inner resurrection and rebuilding, based on the truths of the inner you now being shown to you from without. Guide your self to acceptance of these truths, for they reveal your innermost needs and desires, which are often not allowed expression and often not acceptable to even you, the bearer of such truths.

What is your innermost desire at this moment? Guide your self to find what this is, now, during this time of turmoil and calamity, even as the time of clearing and removal of old debris is also sought and presented. Find your inner steady and balanced self, even while you weep for your lost selves and others in your lives. This is a time of great shift and transformation, and although such shift may be presented in an abrupt and even violent manner, so has it been long in the making.

Your place now is as an evolving being, and this must be your anchor. Though you may wish to float upon the waters of remorse or regret, do not swallow your bitter tears nor walk in darkness through this time, for the light is upon you now, guiding you, and showing you the truths and desires of the innermost self.

Accept the tests being given and, as this day does unfold, look for your truths as they are further revealed. Answer your questions from your innermost core, your quiet self, as they are laid bare at your feet. Pick them up, your treasures, and keep them known to you, safe in your keeping, aware of them at all times.

During such a time as this, when change is forced upon you or thrown at you, so must you remind your self often that you are:

• an evolving being,

• an eternal seeker of truth,

• a self-guided motivator, and

• a strong, connected-to-all-things being who knows that only truth matters.

Stand in your truth, bitter and lonely though it may feel. You now have access to your innermost self, the tender and innocent self who wishes to live in the world. This truthful self asks that you allow it to come out and be resident beside you now, as you live your life more fully present, more fully trusting, and more fully alive than ever before. This innocence asks for light, air, and evolutionary partnership. It asks to be present as you take your tests each day and find your way, not alone at all, but, ultimately, whole, fulfilled, and stronger, as you align with your true self, seeking steady spiritual connection within, as well as without.

Each day, as you pass your tests, you bid goodbye to an old world, and each day as you awaken, you greet your self in a new world. Each day you enter a new world, do you see?