#479 Say Hello to Your Energetic Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today, as we begin a new week?

Interpret the energy as personal energy, formulated so that each one of you may grow and evolve. It is shifting energy still, available for resolute decision-making and action to take place. Look forward now to supportive actions and opportunities all around you as a time of growth ensues.

Have we gotten through the feminine energy that you spoke of the other day?

Not quite, My Dears, but notice now its nurturing, maternal aspects, more than its challenging aspects. As you own your own feminine sides, as you ponder your new place in the world, based on what you have learned about the self over the past few days, so may you make your way upon your path with a marked steadiness now, as you go into this new week in time.

Your world may be quite formulaic, your daily structures in place, your routines apparent, but do not lose sight of the fact that you are, one and all, energetic beings. Even though much of your world is described, prescribed, and well documented, so are you a free energy being, fully capable of disrupting that which is not resonant or in alignment with that energetic self. Disruption may be the result of true feminine energy coming into your awareness, asking you to pay heed, to suspend judgment, to allow for self-nurturance now, in a purely mature, maternal way. Your life so far has been preparation for this day and this day is preparation for what comes.

Make each day now truly focused on maintaining awareness of who you are as an energy being. Keep alert to your vibratory awareness of self during the day. Tune in often to how you are feeling, first physically, then mentally. Are you physically calm, or are you stressed? Allow your awareness to tune in to your physical self, soothing any tense or rough edges you may feel. Then respect and acknowledge your mental process, while simultaneously asking for calmness in this region of the physical self as well.

After you have attended to your body, adjusting it to a calm quietness, using your knowledge of heart-centered breathing to aid you, check into your energetic resonance. Ask, without concern for the physical or mental, for a touch of connection to the self as pure energy, totally absent of human needs, just purely vibratory energy. This self resides in and travels with you throughout life, yet are you seldom aware of its presence, unless you make a concerted effort to block your normal world activities and say hello to it.

Well, now it is time to learn to access this underlying energetic self more often. Only in accessing this self, and getting to know it, will you find your way through this time of shift and come out clearheaded, aware, and riding a new wave in a new direction, in stark contrast to where you have been for the past few years.

This time of shift is not so subtle, but it will in fact be quite noticeable. If you allow your self to accept your self as an energetic being and begin to actually feel what that means, so may your personal time of shift be made in a steady and calm manner, in alignment with all aspects of your life, all connecting and participating, knowing that this is right.

Shift is inevitable. The question to ask the self is: Am I going to go with the inevitable, in full awareness? Or am I going to refuse to take the ride and get thrown and tossed about, feeling like a victim? Do you choose full awareness and moving forward, in your full power now, owning your life as truly your own, with firm steadiness, knowingly taking your life into your own hands? Or do you choose to remain a drag upon your own energy, and your own potential, by your lack of acceptance, your inertia, your sadness, your despair, your judgments, your desires, that remain connected to an old world that no longer exists?

I do not attempt to do other than alert you to the fact that you are being offered a new time of awakening, that’s all. But also I attempt to alert you to the truth of this time of awakening, for it is quite a power packed time of opening, of maturity, of the possibility for perfect alignment with the true inner self, if you dare to admit that such a self exists.