#478 Chuck’s Place: Return to the Garden and Beyond

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How challenging it is to truly embrace one’s gold. Dysfunctional families, dysfunctional relationships, dysfunctional marriages, etc, etc.; the concept of dysfunction is the current buzzword to account for out inability to embrace our gold, which is actually a direct connection to our archetypal inheritance; or in energetic terms, our feminine energy. Lacking a solid archetypal foundation, we struggle with low self-esteem.

As I look around this spring, I don’t notice inertia, hesitation, stagnation, or depression in the birds, the squirrels, or the peepers. Spring energies course through our human veins, yet often get caught in paralysis, hyperactivity, or failure. Apparently, when we left the Garden and chose consciousness, chose to take charge of directing that which had flowed so smoothly with unfailing precision, we were sentenced to sail the ship without a guidebook. We have been haphazardly crashing on the rocks and reefs, finding our way, ever since.

Our sentence, upon leaving the Garden, also included poor self-esteem. At the foundation of every individual germ of consciousness (the ego) is the fact of inadequacy. The ego is no match for the archetypes. The archetypes got it down pat through eons of experience; they know what works. They know how to direct nature’s energies and make things flow smoothly. Human egos, thrilled with their “advanced science,” marvel at their ability to create pharmaceuticals to correct what they judge to be nature’s inherent flaws. I simply can’t figure out how those birds manage to sleep through the night without their ambien or breathe without their nasonex! Do humans ever consider that their inherent flaws are inherent mishaps, created through the hubris and ignorance of haphazardly sailing the ship?

Now, to be fair, someone had to take the wheel, figure some things out, make some rules, and create order amidst the “chaos.” Have some compassion for the male God, it’s the best that alienated beings, with little to go on, could do, as they trudged, thirstily, through the desert outside the Garden. The egos invented the male God, complete with new guidebooks. Some of these guidebooks come close to the wisdom of the archetypes; some are seriously flawed. The latest reigning edition is the Book of Science, with google providing quick access and wikipedia providing up-to-the-moment certainty.

So what are the qualities of the male God? He knows, he is powerful, he is definite, completely certain, and competent. He is the antidote to the human dilemma of core self doubt and lack of self-esteem. Why wouldn’t we worship such a God? Why wouldn’t we gobble up the self-help commandments, which promise us a connection to such qualities? Why wouldn’t we overtly, covertly, or unconsciously, seek to emulate or unite with those in the world who reflect these desirable qualities? If only I could be so knowledgeable, calm, collected, definite, and powerful, as he or she!

So where is the flaw here? I see these strivings as compensations for a lonely, inadequate ego, completely ill equipped for life. That is the true state of our “conscious” beings, alienated from our archetypal core. Stated in another way, this is masculine energy alienated from feminine energy, which has been the energetic predicament of humanity since the birth of consciousness. It is true that many egos before us have made great discoveries about the “nature” of things. Unfortunately, many of these egos, or demigods, behaved like little Neros, so enthralled with themselves and needing to play with their powers that they created many aberrant natures. Often, they made it particularly important to eliminate, at all costs, any sign of strong feminine energy. Thank God for pharmaceuticals to correct the balance! The problem, as I see it, is that the male God, devoid of feminine energy, is an alienated god. Essentially, it represents the ultimate enshrined ego. That God has no need for archetypal wisdom; he simply can do a better job.

The question arises, should we have left the Garden to begin with? What is the value of consciousness when we view, honestly, the job it has done in steering the ship? Personally, I think it was our evolutionary imperative to leave the Garden, just as now it is our evolutionary imperative to discover ourselves as energy. However, even if the Garden is an illusion, because ultimately it’s simply energy, we don’t have the right to leave the Garden in this condition. The challenge is to reconcile the relationship between masculine and feminine energy. How can we solve this?

First, we must find our way back to the Garden. This brings us into direct contact with archetypal wisdom. Feminine energy never lost its connection to archetypal wisdom; the connection is automatic. But how does feminine energy grapple with consciousness? Feminine energy is direct knowing. Consciousness knows nothing a priori. First, it must discover, preferably through science, facts; then it knows. How does that which just knows (feminine energy) reconcile with that which has to figure everything out (masculine energy)?

The way this challenge has unfolded, to date, has been for masculine energy to become dominant, despite its ignorance, and completely subjugate and devalue the feminine. Of course, the feminine is inherently insecure in the light of consciousness because it really does not know why it knows what it knows, it just knows. This “just knowing” is pitiful from the perspective of consciousness alone, which must discover and label all the building blocks of the world it dismantles.

The reconciliation of these two energies, which desperately need each other, is in a new relationship of co-existence and partnership, without either dominating the other. Masculine energy needs to drop its god complex, ego inflation, and become pure awareness. Feminine energy needs to trust that it knows, dropping its ego deflation. Both energies, devoid of judgments, are free to see all the truths, consciousness and knowing in alignment. This alignment insures right action.

Masculine and feminine energy in alignment will allow restoration of the Garden and freedom to venture beyond, with awareness, into pure energy.

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I was just carried away this week by spring’s awakening and do intend to return to the discussion of projection next week. Until we meet again,