#477 Female Energy A-flutter

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Today, I speak to women, for there is, and has been, much female energy a-flutter, but I speak also to the male, for without understanding the energy that abounds so will he not fully participate in life. So you see, no matter who I speak to directly, so is this message meant for all who read and seek guidance in life.

Now, as far as female energy is concerned, I wish to confide that this is a time of great shift for all women. This does not preclude the question of age, nor any other factor, and can also encompass the anima characteristics in males, so pay attention all of you, My Dear Readers. Female energy, when in a state of flux, as it is now, tends to be very demanding, noticeable, relentless, and quite available for interaction, on many levels. Such energy-in-flux, desires recognition, it demands acceptance, and it bodes well for real change to happen. However, it comes also with a shadow of doubt, which is often the greater challenge. Energy-in-flux may be easily attended to and assimilated, depending on the ability of all of you women to stay in your awareness of your selves as mature, worthy women, confident in your own skin.

However, in the case of the energy that exists now, the shadow of doubt carries with it such vital energy inside its cloak that it is paramount to pay attention to it, to what it reveals hidden in the folds of its cloak, and to capture the meaning of its hidden agenda so that you may have direct access to it, and be able to transform it into good working energy.

This energy-in-flux, right now, bodes well for women, as I have said, for it carries much feminine power, the power of female energy, such as self-nurturance, self-love, self-compassion, self-desire, and self-intuition, all of the maternal sort. In order to utilize it, must it be allowed into your awareness, into your body knowing, and into your mental (thinking) function in the world, as you live it, see it, experience it, desire it, and project it, My Dear Women.

I suggest that you understand this energy, first, as powerful, but do not fear it; second, as maternal, self-mothering energy, but do not turn the self into a big baby or even a toddler. Keep the self on a mature and balanced level, mothering the mother in you; and third, this energy is very enticing to others and you will feel the urge to give it away, but this I counter-urge you to hold inside you.

This third point is where that dark cloak of doubt, that shadowy backlash of energy, comes in to entice you to regress, to fail at your self-nurturing, and at your firm and balanced growth. But underlying it, in its folds, will you discover that the shadowy inviting cloak contains a new burst of energy that may send you in the right direction, if you learn how to use it. And this is the challenge that it offers, that it contains a second burst of powerful female, woman-strong, and knowing, intuitive energy, but it does not readily reveal it to you nor does it show you how to use it. It is up to each one of you to discover how best to use it in your own life.

Keep in mind, My Dear Women, my dear seekers of completion and growth, that you are there, upon that earth, to become whole. You are not there to serve, although your place has been described as such, for fear of just these powers that now envelop your world. Do not fear your own powers. Do not allow them either to overpower you; but do use this energy in a positive, self-loving manner. And I will give you a hint at the meaning of that second powerful hidden energy. It is not meant to grant you anything, except the clearer knowledge of what it means to be female, mature, loving, and compassionate. You are in a unique position, My Dear Female Counterparts, to advance individually, collectively, but also far beyond the personal, for it is a time of great shift.

If female energy aligns with this time of shift upon that earth, so may the future shine brighter. Each day is the future. Keep this in mind. You do not need to wait, at all, to use your powerful inner strength and confidence, nor spread your unparalleled ability to love and nurture, both inside and outside the self.

This is not an ego-building time, or ego-building energy, though your egos may be boosted as your inner self accepts her powers. Keep aware of the distinguishing characteristics of inner self and outer self as you ride this energetic flux. Abide by the rules of your inner goodness, your intuitive inner beauty, your trusty compassionate connection to all things, even as you maintain awareness of overdoing any aspect of who you really are.

Your answer to how you, personally, will use this powerful energy, both stage one of it and stage two, lies in your steady, balanced, calm, inner and outer pragmatism and not your egocentric desire body.

So watch the energy now, very carefully; study it, but slow down so that you do not miss the importance of it. Though you may wish to rush in and embrace it, that would send you off-kilter. Remain mature and gracious women of loving, compassionate power, aware, generous, and yet fully attentive to the greater needs of the self. For only in fulfilling those needs, in the most mature manner, will you be available to fully own your femininity in a far greater energetic sense.

My Dear Male Readers, do not be alarmed by this message of female energy and power, for you too hold within you such energy. It is equally necessary to awaken it in your self, and allow it to become part of who you are, as an evolving man in an evolving world.

The world needs great change now, and it is already turning and shifting before your eyes, asking you, all the people who inhabit it, to allow simultaneous shift within your selves, to meet it at every turn, to come into alignment with the truths that lie so buried. The truths that all of you, male and female, are comprised of the same thing: energy that desires recognition, acceptance, release into daily life, as mature, loving, compassionate self-fulfilling prophesies of what it means to be alive and evolving.

Each one of you upon that earth has this same challenge. Now the further challenge is to truly understand what the feminine inside of you is truly for, how to access it, and how to use it for the greater good, beyond the self. But you must all first use it to accept the mature self, and that is where to start. Good Luck! To help in this endeavor do heart-centered breathing, allowing it to spread to all parts of the body, for all parts are the loving heart, you see?