#476 This is an Anchoring Day

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some practical advice and guidance for us today?

Yes, My Dear Ones; I suggest that you make concerted attempts, throughout your day, to maintain your central alignment of self in calm balance. This is going to prove to be your greatest asset as time goes on, for there will be many occasions that will seek to test your stability and your mature grounded self.

Practice not only detachment, as I have spoken of often, but begin to more frequently remind your self to stay grounded in your inner calm place of mature nobility and eloquence. Learn to trust that you are worthy of your progress, that you are indeed an evolving being, by allowing your inner alignment with your crown of inner knowing to strengthen. By this, I mean learn to trust your abilities of awareness, clarity, and intuition.

Invite your self often to a meeting of your inner strengths, proposing that you embrace them, even as you study them and test them. Allow your inner self to guide you to understanding just who you are on a psychic level, even as you study and learn who you are on a practical level in the world.

You are all comprised of energetic spirit, intent upon consolidating many lifetimes of journeys, presenting you with much buried knowledge and many treasures. As you go about your day, continually anchor your self in this inner power that is still slumbering, awakening it even more at each firm anchoring. For only in trusting it will you find that you will have greater access to it.

Today is an anchoring day. It is a day of self-discovery as you continue your inner journey. It is a day of recognition of inner strength, inner balance, but, most of all, inner knowing. Use awareness of this inner self for calm and peaceful anchoring, keeping you steady upon your path of growth. Though your way may be strewn with boulders and torn apart by raging waters, so are you fully capable of finding your inner destiny, anchoring to it, and proceeding on your way lighter, happier, more lovingly and compassionately, holding fondness for self and others always beside you as you go.