#480 Check In With Your Physical Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Be aware that the energy of now will present you with much to attend to. You may feel bombarded with notions, ideas, thoughts, decisions, interruptions, and all manner of challenge. Keep in mind that these attempts to get your attention are all meaningful. Some require immediate attention, while others are merely reminders to maintain a balanced compassionate pragmatism while you go about your life and work upon that planet.

Remind your self often to study what is being presented. Do not jump to conclusions, but ponder the meaning of what is being shown to you, asked of you, proposed to you, and demanded of you. Are you ready to take on everything at once? Of course not! And this is what you must remember. Divide your dilemmas into categories of importance, compartmentalizing according to greatest and worthiest need, and pay attention, at all times, to how you physically are being affected as well.

Your physical body will give you many signs of how to approach your challenges and what is most meaningful to spend your energy on. In compartmentalization of your troubles, your frustrations, and your desire to be of assistance, so may you allow your self to remain in steady, balanced certainty of action. Your ability to determine how you wish to spend your energy is greatly related to your physical state. You must, at all times, decide how you would like to spend your energy so that you, personally, are not depleted, or compromised, and placed in a position of deprivation, for then are you of no use to anyone. Such deprivation may lead to chronic despair and the inability to function properly in your inner world, as well as your outer world.

As you are approached by outer activity, whether negative or positive, so must you ask your self: How is this going to affect me physically? Only in first paying attention to your physical state, keeping its balance foremost in your awareness, will you gain in your inner balance. Outer balance leads to greater inner balance and greater inner awareness.

So, I suggest that it might be a worthy endeavor to allow for a slight detachment from what you are being presented with now during this time of energetic feather ruffling. Allow for a calm stepping back from that which is being plopped or tossed in front of you on the brisk winds of this energy, and check in with your physical self.

How do you feel energetically? Pay attention to how your own feathers are ruffled by what is being asked or demanded of you and then determine what is the most pragmatic step to take. Keep always in your awareness, even during detachment exercises, that you are a compassionate heart-centered being who wishes only to do the right thing, take the right action, and allow for right growth to take place, on all sides.

Balance your decisions by stepping back and taking your time to weigh the consequences of your decisions on your own energy. Keep in mind the expectation that maturity is a requirement of all adult energetic beings. Your abilities to compartmentalize, by reflection on your own energetic and physical self, balanced by your need to guide others in your care to accept their own energetic balance and become responsible citizens, will lead you to understanding how to not only maneuver through this fluttering energy, but also advance as a result of it.

Your physical self is available to guide you through your life, as much as your thinking self is. Use it more often now, to determine which step to take, what is most important to attend to, and how you can grow, even as you challenge those around you to continue growing as well.