#481 Revelations Prevail in Unfolding Energy

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today? I know the energy lately has been testy and erratic, but at the same time a sense of clarity prevails. Can you speak today about actualizing the clarity that is gained?

This energy time, now, is an unfolding time, as wave upon wave of revelation and unrelenting force prevails. During such unfolding energy much is revealed and much clarity is gained, as you suggest, My Dear. Even as the ocean waves do crash upon the shore, in endless return, so do they also reveal what they carry, washing up and laying upon the shore their booty, everything from tiny treasures to discarded debris. Even the tiniest grains of salt and sand left upon the shore, deposited in the unfolding process, are meaningful.

This is what you must now keep in mind: that even though the energy appears to be redundant in its power, and perhaps presenting you with more than you can handle, or gain clarity on, so is it also leaving you with information about your self, your work, your life upon that earth as an individual, as a partner, and as an evolving being.

Relationships may now prosper, for this unfolding time bears in its creases many truths. Watch what happens now and notice how many times you gain clarity; how many truths you actually see with utter clarity now. Bring those truths home with you now. Pick them up as they are deposited at your feet upon the sandy shore, put them into your pockets for safe keeping, but also take them out of this place of knowing, quite often, and remind your self of the solid resolute truth that they speak of so clearly.

Your insights now gained are the groundwork for your future. And your future is bound in holding onto these truths, for without them you will not be able to move forward or make the shift that is most important and beneficial for you to make at this time.

Everyone upon that earth is now being asked to make a change of great meaning. Your own life, as it has been unfolding lately, or even for a long time, has been showing you what your personal challenge is. Do not dismiss this challenge, nor this time in your life, nor the energetic accompaniment surrounding this earth time.

I would like to point out, again, that you, personally, each one of you, are living during this great time of shift and transformation for some great reason of your own. Beyond your daily lives, beyond the world as you have been taught to accept it, is a powerful force that is urging all of you to seek the truth of who you really are meant to be. It is not a coincidence that you are alive now. There is significance and great meaning to your life.

This unfolding time, backed by the energy of the universe constantly in flux, pushing forth wave upon wave of clarity, is asking all of you to accept your contract to grow and evolve. Find your self, today, upon the ocean’s shore as the waves come in, crashing at your feet. Even if you have never been upon the sandy beaches of the edges of your land, so do I request that you find a way to understand this experience in sound, taste, feel, and smell. Immerse your selves in the knowledge that the ocean of life is constantly showing you what you must learn in order to continue your journey toward personal wholeness, but also toward deep personal meaning.

Do not dismiss this energy as too difficult to bear or too difficult to decipher. It is neither. But the challenge is to accept that you too are an unfolding being, capable of wave after wave of growth and change, aware of what is being revealed as no more challenging than breathing in the fresh and vital air that rides atop the waves of energy. In essence, in acquiescence to what life offers, to what is clearly revealed as right, met by your inner knowing resonance, so will you find that your life will flow with greater certainty and greater resolution.

Guide your self, today, through this unfolding time. Walk upon the sands of your day looking at what the waves reveal. Accept your challenges as gifts and your gifts as challenges to acquiesce to your own journey. For that is what you must ultimately do, you know. You must learn to acquiesce to your own inevitable journey. As it unfolds, it continues to invite you to accept the gifts it provides, the challenges it presents, and the much sought after meaning it offers.

This is a day of clarity and revelation, and what follows depends on you, on what you decide to do with the clarity gained, the resolution presented, and the solid inner knowing that you cannot escape: that this is right.