#492 Who Rules?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I am asking you to continue teaching and guiding us today. Monday’s message, #491, felt almost like a compilation of many of the topics you have been stressing over the past few years. I realize that you always address the mature adult in us, expecting that aspect of us to lead. Many people, however, struggle with undiscovered and unrecapitulated pasts and, as a result, are confronted with repeating old patterns and behaviors, and are often being ruled by any number of child aspects, or even the big baby. I know that you stress balance and moderation as a means of gaining control over aspects of the self that tend to rule, but what if the old rulers continue to reign and, in spite of good choices and the right decisions, they do not recede, but continue popping up and demanding attention?

I must say, My Dear, that this is quite a loaded question! My first response is that if the old rulers continue to rule then it is clear that they have not been properly dealt with, or they are not ready to relinquish their seats of power, for they are present as teachers as well as provocateurs. In order to be done with aspects of the self that tend to be in control must you truly be done with them. But as long as they can still teach you something about your self, they will remain in control of you.

What do they seek to teach you? Well, I suggest that it is obvious from whom the ruler is. Is it your big baby? If so the first obvious thing to learn is that you are being ruled by the big baby. Is it your controlling adult self who rules? Then acknowledge and accept this truth. Is it your underachieving teenage self, full of low self-esteem who rules? Then address this truth, seeing it clearly as your place of control. Address, first, who rules you. Be truthful about this assessment, looking at your self in your life and acknowledging, from your inner truth speaker, that your life has been dominated by one aspect or another.

Perhaps you are most often in your adult place of rule, but occasionally slip back into an old track, an old personality returns to test your stability. If this is so, then the means of acknowledging and addressing this process will be the same. Find who your ruler is, and then determine how this ruler controls and proclaims majesty. Observe your self in the role of this ruler. Begin to see how it operates by taking your tips from the truths being shown.

If you are ruled by the big baby, the first thing to do is to take into consideration all traits of babyhood, and observe the self with these traits applied to your actions and decisions. How does a baby act? What has a baby learned and how does a baby use what it has learned because of its helplessness, neediness, and curiosity? How does a baby manipulate so that it gets what it wants? How does it process what it perceives and is confronted with? How does a baby placate and comfort itself, especially in the presence of grave danger or the possibility of annihilation?

These and many more questions can be applied to any aspect of the self that rules, whether the low self-esteem teenager, the controlling adult, the scared ten-year old, the shy eight-year old, the foolhardy twenty-one year old, or the explorative forty-year old. All or any aspects of the self must be asked these and many more questions in order to begin the process of dethroning the ruler.

1. Determine who rules.

2. Address the definition of how this ruler accomplishes its goals.

3. The next part of the process is to discover what this present ruler is attempting to teach you?

Your ruler is present in your life not to sabotage, but to teach. However, sabotage can happen, over and over again, as part of the teaching and learning process. It may even be the final result if the mature adult self is not extricated and placed in a position of power, dusting itself off and facing the ruler who is both attempting to keep it asleep or in denial, while at the same time attempting to wake it up and invite it to a duel.

Your job, as evolving beings, is to evolve. Many of the issues now before you may be evolutionary issues, needing attention, begging for attention, so that you may finally be released from the fortresses and dungeons they have challenged you to recognize them and fight your way out of them.

Do you understand your own rulers? Do you see the challenges before you? Do you see where you are caught? Do you accept these truths that are revealed daily? Do you want to relinquish the comforts of the discomforts in your life? Do you accept the fact that change produces many more discomforts, as you challenge your self to the duel that must be proposed and fought in order for growth to happen?

Change requires adult guidance and supervision. Change requires adult commitment. Change requires adult participation. Change requires adult acceptance of the truths. Change requires adult action. Change requires adult rule, and I do not mean an adult who is a tyrant, or even a fairy godmother type. I mean a mature, balanced, fair, knowing, and evolving adult who is not afraid to allow for the possibilities in life to lead the trusting self forward on the right path. But most of all, the mature adult must listen to and pay attention to the inner self, who is the greatest guide of all.

This aspect of self is revealed daily, if you take the time to listen, if you shush the rulers for a moment, and ask for quiet and inner silence to reign over all other aspects that wish to intrude. It may take some practice if you are not used to listening to inner guidance, but with training you will have access more often.

I leave you today with this guidance. This is recapitulation work, but it is also evolutionary work. It is daring work. It is beginning a process of dethroning and dueling. It is challenging work that will aid you in finding your true adult ruler, who is gracious yet firm, loving yet knowing, accepting yet also aware that every choice and action should be in alignment with the truth of your inner trusting self. Remember, your greatest teachers lie within.

#491 Love the Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for us today?

The time of regression now passes into a time of reaction, return to spirit awareness, and a reawakening of your spirit intent upon the earth. As I have often said, one of the most enterprising and rewarding mantras you can offer your self on a daily and even moment-to-moment basis is: “I am an energy being.” This is the key to your existence. If you allow the idea of it to broaden into every aspect of life, going beyond the confines of your own body and spirit, so may your awareness of everything begin to grow, expand, and gratify you with measures of awakening far outweighing anything else you might attempt to discover or expand upon.

No other fact of life is more important to keep in mind. In maintaining your awareness of the self, and all else, as energy, so do you offer the key to resolution of all issues, to the dissolution of all structures, to the dismantling of all judgments, to healing, and to the ability to detach from the attentions paid to the whirlwinds of life as they approach to guide you. These whirlwinds come and go and are comprised of attachments, habits, behaviors, addictions, pleasures, blames, negative as well as positive energy feeders, and all the structures, concepts, and decisions that have kept you tumbling through life with little or no sense of self, of direction, or of true spirit.

Keep in mind that energetic shifts, inside and outside of you, happen quite often. You may notice the big ones, such as now, more readily than the smaller shifts. Small shifts and offers to change happen in small ways. They are presented to you in the questions you are asked, the choices proposed, and the energy you are confronted with each day, inside of you and outside of you.

With your attention now firmly placed upon the self as an energy being, unfettered, detached, and selflessly seeking guidance, with intention to grow as an evolving being, I alert you to your own responsibility to journey forward fully aware of the self as comprised of spirit and physical body, energy and matter, negative and positive energy, anima and animus (female and male energy), light and dark. The ability to fall into your human needs is as equally important as your ability to access your spiritual needs. Yet your time upon that earth requires mature balance while at the same time you remain aware of all that calls to you asking for your attention, your tending, and your appropriate responses, choices, and decisions based on your overall awareness of the self as an energy being upon a physical journey.

Stand in your truth. Know your self fully. Know your big baby desires as well as your adult desires. Know your spirit desires in your inner world and your outer world. Know your attachments and your abilities to detach as the signs show you the direction to take.

Investigate the self. Unless you know the self you cannot know your purpose, your true direction, your fuller abilities, your connections, nor make meaningful and right choices and decisions.

Know the spirit self as clearly as you know the body self. Be open to your troubles as well as your delights, knowing that without acceptance of self there will be no acceptance of others, nor beauty of life fully realized, nor love achieved.

Love the self as energy. Love the self as physical being. Love the self as wandering seeker. Love the self as troubled investigator. Love the self as balanced and open, while still loving the fearful and hidden self.

Remain available to each of those aspects of self when they come asking for your attention and your love, your compassion, and your evolutionary goodbye to the restraints and inhibitions they have placed upon you. Be aware of the self as curious, in all aspects of life. Choose to fully seek understanding of the self in the context of the knowledge that all things are comprised of energy.

Slow down and breathe into your bodies to begin your new journey, each day, asking the self to align, to grow a little each day, to learn something new, and to be open to evolutionary directions as they are revealed.

Your ultimate direction is certain, your end revealed from the moment of birth. All things physical must end. But what do you take with you when you go, as all must choose. Will you take your well-trained aware self, or your equally well-trained forgetting self?

#490 Chuck’s Place: Forgiveness

Welcome to Chuck’s Place, where Chuck Ketchel expresses his thoughts, insights, and experiences!

What does it really entail to fully release another person of responsibility for one’s fate? Energetically, it involves fully claiming your own energy and investing it totally in your own journey. To fully claim your journey you must withdraw the projections, remove the distractions, and confront the fears, in order to achieve balance as a solitary being and take the adventure into the unknowable.

The shamans suggest that we erase our personal history. Ultimately, what they mean is to allow ourselves to live outside the energetic binds of a known life. This does not mean escape. There is no escape from fully knowing our personal history, with all of its energetic compromises and entanglements, if we want to fully reclaim and consolidate our energy for the journey. This is the purpose of recapitulation, to fully know everything we have experienced, to reclaim the energy encased in forgotten traumas and unmet needs. We must leave no stone unturned, facing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually.

In recapitulation our bodies tell us exactly what happened. Our minds show us the fuller picture from a perspective we have never seen before, as the adult self joins our younger self in the process. Our feelings reveal our lost innocence. Our spirit shows us the meaning of the events in our life in the context of our journey; why in fact our soul chose the life it did, and what refinements were needed to continue the evolutionary journey. With a completed recapitulation we fully assume responsibility for the life we are in, and realize there is nothing to forgive.

As always, I am open to discussion or comment. Should anyone wish to write, I can be reached via email at: chuck@riverwalkerpress.com

Until we meet again,

#489 The Next Step: Know Your Fears

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Can you offer us guidance to wrap up this week and lead us into the coming weekend?

Today, I offer first a synthesis of what you have learned over the past few days and even weeks. You are learning that you are energy beings, that you can TAP into your own energy, that you can utilize it innerly and outerly and, best of all, that you are in total control of your entire life by the choices you make, the directions you take, the options offered, and the decisions to do what you do. You may dispute this last fact, but, I dare say, if you allow your self to be honest you will acknowledge that yes, you are in complete control because only you say yes or no, only you say perhaps or maybe, and only you say now or later. Only you decide, and only you take action. (At this point in the channeling I had the clear insight that the events of our childhood, when we may feel that we did not have a choice, are the result of the choices made before we entered this lifetime, and may perhaps be our greatest challenges of this lifetime, in essence our core issues to resolve before we can evolve.)

You may wish to blame others for your place in life, for your current situation, for your dilemmas and your problems, but I contest the process of blaming others, and ask all of you to take responsibility for your journeys, for your choices, and for your own progress in life.

Keep in mind, at all times, that you are energy beings. As energy, first and foremost, you have the ability to enter many situations and make many contracts for reasons that may not be clear to your mental and physical self who may protest greatly at the imbalances in your life. But think about your energetic self as your true decision maker and allow that self to lead you to places that will challenge you to grow. Can you accept that although you may be unhappy in your life that you are, in fact, there for a very good reason that your energetic self is fully cognizant and aware of?

Are you ready to accept that your energetic self is showing you the truth of your path, pointing you in the direction you must take, in order for your life to unfold and evolve? Do you accept the next point I make, that you are fully capable of tapping into this energetic self, and finding the reason for your situation? Are you ready to do that? Are you ready to hear the truth?

The truth is spoken to you over and over again, throughout your life, and on a daily basis. But you might notice that you elect to ignore it, often, because the truth requires that you face the challenges of change and transformation that the truth reveals to you in its messages. I speak of acceptance of these truths, energetically presented and utterly known, with certainty. Yet do you choose to ignore them, while you continue your common habits and behaviors of burying your words of truth under mounds of fear?

Fear is always the greatest challenge. It appears at every step. It is the human challenge, the invader who enters your life to do battle with your energetic self. Your truth, clearly spoken, and revealed by your very innocent and honest spirit self, is then confronted with the voice of fear saying, well, what if? How can I possibly do that? I can’t do that! When, in fact, you can decide to go with your spirit, confronting your fear, seeing it as just another energy, a negative energy that teaches you as much about your self as your spirit energy does.

So, you see, these are your two complications, your competitors, in a standoff for much of your life, your spirit energy vs. your fear energy. Now, I also contend that you are in total control of both of these aspects of life’s battles. Yes, you are!

In order to access true control, you must be willing to acquiesce the fear control that has dominated thus far. Fear keeps you safe. Fear keeps you alert. Fear protects you, but it also stifles you, hides you, and keeps you stuck in a place of reluctance to listen to the truth spoken by your energetic self.

It is wise to turn the tables on your fear, but you must first know what your fears are, and that is the next lesson I wish to advise you upon, know your fears. This is the next step to take and the next part of the process of evolving. If you do not know who or what your energy is, how can you wage a good battle? Your fears reveal themselves quite often, but they are often as deeply hidden beneath your daily patter as your truths are, residing side by side with your energetic truths, beneath the oblivion of control that has thus far been your mode of operation.

I challenge you to make a list of your fears, from the greatest to the tiniest. And then I ask that beside that list you make another list of your energetic truths. You might find that your fears are many and your truths few, but you might also notice that your truths are grounding, mature, noble, and worthy of your attention, while your fears may be old and tired, worn out, and energetically depleted or sorely bruised from years of use and abuse. You might find that your truths do shine more brightly than your fears, yet have you still not accepted them as your guiding truths, but for fear of what?

As I mentioned the other day, your purpose and meaning in life is to live from your spirit self, allowing this aspect of self to override all fears, allowing it to challenge you and bring you forth into greater acknowledgment of and access to your self as a being comprised of energy, ready and willing to embrace the true self.

So, ponder who your fear-driven self really is. And ponder also who your innocent spirit self is. Allow them to face each other. Look honestly at these two halves of the self and begin a systematic dismantling of the fear aspects of self in favor of the spirit self emerging and participating in your life. Good Luck!

#488 Take Action!

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
We have all been enjoying your messages of guidance. Many people are finding that you are speaking directly to them and to their situations, so your offerings have been very appreciated and highly useful. So, on behalf of your readers I say, thank you! What do you offer us today?

Today, I will speak on strategy, on the importance of planning, and the need for concentration of energy and skills in order to achieve your spiritual goals. Although I offer guidance, it is only in the act of processing and utilizing it that it will have true impact and meaning to you. Simply reading and understanding will not get you anywhere. In other words, no matter how good or appropriate the guidance, if you do not put it to practical use it will have no effect on your lives.

By remaining attached to old habits, old ideas of the self, and old patterns of behavior, your growth will be minimal at best. Today, I urge all of you, My Dear Ones, to address your own personal situations. Look honestly and truthfully at your daily habits and, first, determine where your easiest and simplest change can be made. Then take action! Take action against or for change in your life or against and for change.

Perhaps your first action will be a move toward elimination of something and your second action a move toward adding something meaningful. Perhaps your first action will be as simple as taking time to do your TAPS exercise that I recommend as awakening activity. If you do this simple action it may allow for greater action to take place that will be growth oriented.

1. First, take action by assessing your self.

2. Then step back and determine where your first change is going to take place.

3. Determine next how you will make this change.

4. Then do it, make the change.

5. After you have made this change, by taking action for or against it, step back again from your list of self and allow your self to feel the energy of self after having taken this action.

6. You may feel a loss or emptiness, but if you allow your self to push through that loss and sadness, you will find that your emptiness is but a gain in energy of self, of spirit self.

Continue your self-assessment, each day taking action. Perhaps you will need to address the same action over and over again until you have created a new habit of simply taking action, and this may be quite helpful in training your awareness in how you act and how you revert to tendencies that are energy-wasteful and deprive your spirit of its true energy.

Allow your self to continue taking action each day by addressing the areas you wish to change. Ask for guidance, seek guidance, turn toward outer guidance, but turn also toward inner guidance and inner strength as you plan your strategy for a new self-image and a new spiritual self.

Keep your focus concentrated on spirit, on creating the true spirit self by pushing aside and taking action against the aspects of the ego self that keep the spirit self hidden and unused. Inviting your spirit self to participate in your life is now your main action. It also must become your main attraction. This is where all of your mirror work is ultimately leading you, to acceptance of spirit self as the main attraction in your life.

Do you love your spirit self, your inner self? Do you allow your inner self to be loved by you? Do you allow your ego self to be honest and truthful with who appears in the mirror, so that your innocent loving spirit self may one day appear in balance, a true apparition of who you are?

Today is a good day to begin taking action for and against emergence of your inner spirit self, seeking better alignment, more acceptance of, and allowance of future participation by this self in your life. This is the self who will lead you along the path you so desire, the path that you can barely see in the distance, the path that will reveal itself to you as you take action to save your spirit self with honest planning, truthful strategies, and mature actions.

Feel the resonance of the energy you give back to your self as you take your first action today. This is the energy that you seek. It is the self revealed and innocently asking for your participation in allowing it to become a part of your life.

You see, My Dears, the purpose of your life is to live from this place of spirit self, in mature balance with your adult knowing. It is this spirit energy that will show you your truthful place in the world. Don’t be so afraid of it! It can’t hurt you, though you may feel much pain and discomfort as you access it, but that is just the pain and discomfort of release, of letting go of the old self, and the entry of the new self taking its rightful place. This is what you seek, release of old energy and re-entrance of your true energy, meant to be contained, utilized, and enjoyed.