#488 Take Action!

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
We have all been enjoying your messages of guidance. Many people are finding that you are speaking directly to them and to their situations, so your offerings have been very appreciated and highly useful. So, on behalf of your readers I say, thank you! What do you offer us today?

Today, I will speak on strategy, on the importance of planning, and the need for concentration of energy and skills in order to achieve your spiritual goals. Although I offer guidance, it is only in the act of processing and utilizing it that it will have true impact and meaning to you. Simply reading and understanding will not get you anywhere. In other words, no matter how good or appropriate the guidance, if you do not put it to practical use it will have no effect on your lives.

By remaining attached to old habits, old ideas of the self, and old patterns of behavior, your growth will be minimal at best. Today, I urge all of you, My Dear Ones, to address your own personal situations. Look honestly and truthfully at your daily habits and, first, determine where your easiest and simplest change can be made. Then take action! Take action against or for change in your life or against and for change.

Perhaps your first action will be a move toward elimination of something and your second action a move toward adding something meaningful. Perhaps your first action will be as simple as taking time to do your TAPS exercise that I recommend as awakening activity. If you do this simple action it may allow for greater action to take place that will be growth oriented.

1. First, take action by assessing your self.

2. Then step back and determine where your first change is going to take place.

3. Determine next how you will make this change.

4. Then do it, make the change.

5. After you have made this change, by taking action for or against it, step back again from your list of self and allow your self to feel the energy of self after having taken this action.

6. You may feel a loss or emptiness, but if you allow your self to push through that loss and sadness, you will find that your emptiness is but a gain in energy of self, of spirit self.

Continue your self-assessment, each day taking action. Perhaps you will need to address the same action over and over again until you have created a new habit of simply taking action, and this may be quite helpful in training your awareness in how you act and how you revert to tendencies that are energy-wasteful and deprive your spirit of its true energy.

Allow your self to continue taking action each day by addressing the areas you wish to change. Ask for guidance, seek guidance, turn toward outer guidance, but turn also toward inner guidance and inner strength as you plan your strategy for a new self-image and a new spiritual self.

Keep your focus concentrated on spirit, on creating the true spirit self by pushing aside and taking action against the aspects of the ego self that keep the spirit self hidden and unused. Inviting your spirit self to participate in your life is now your main action. It also must become your main attraction. This is where all of your mirror work is ultimately leading you, to acceptance of spirit self as the main attraction in your life.

Do you love your spirit self, your inner self? Do you allow your inner self to be loved by you? Do you allow your ego self to be honest and truthful with who appears in the mirror, so that your innocent loving spirit self may one day appear in balance, a true apparition of who you are?

Today is a good day to begin taking action for and against emergence of your inner spirit self, seeking better alignment, more acceptance of, and allowance of future participation by this self in your life. This is the self who will lead you along the path you so desire, the path that you can barely see in the distance, the path that will reveal itself to you as you take action to save your spirit self with honest planning, truthful strategies, and mature actions.

Feel the resonance of the energy you give back to your self as you take your first action today. This is the energy that you seek. It is the self revealed and innocently asking for your participation in allowing it to become a part of your life.

You see, My Dears, the purpose of your life is to live from this place of spirit self, in mature balance with your adult knowing. It is this spirit energy that will show you your truthful place in the world. Don’t be so afraid of it! It can’t hurt you, though you may feel much pain and discomfort as you access it, but that is just the pain and discomfort of release, of letting go of the old self, and the entry of the new self taking its rightful place. This is what you seek, release of old energy and re-entrance of your true energy, meant to be contained, utilized, and enjoyed.