#487 Look into Your Truth-speaking Mirror

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for us today? We have enjoyed the tapping exercise from Message #485!

Be alert now to your own desire for change, even as change happens outside of you. Pay attention to your inner desire to shift and grow, to bud and blossom, to awaken and re-live, in a new fashion. Even as the outer energy pushes for great change, so does your inner spirit self push as well, asking you to pay attention to its own words of promise for new life.

I speak today of steady focus upon this path of change, for only in remaining cognizant and aware of the need for true change will you be able to maintain your progress. Look outside of you with clarity of vision, using your inner knowing to strengthen your truth-speaking inner guidance. Although you look outwardly for such guidance, this outward glancing is but a glimpse into a mirror. What you see outside of you is merely a reflection of what is going on inside you. I know that you are aware of this, but what do you do with such awareness so that you may continually grow?

Awareness alone is not enough. It is like having the ability to read, but unless you actually read you will not learn much that is new or offer your self the opportunity to discover new connections in life. It is like having great talents, yet never using them to stimulate, excite, or beautify your life. It is like having great love stored in your heart, yet never daring to express it. It is like having much desire in your innermost self, yet never acknowledging such desire for life, for love, for knowledge, for beauty, for connection, or for growth.

If you simply acknowledge that you have such gifts and do not use them so do you disappoint your evolving spirit self. I urge now a concerted effort to remain in solid alignment with the inner truths of the self, based on the glimpses of these truths in your outer world. Some of these truths may be quite pleasant and enjoyable, while others may be abhorrent and despicable. But all of them, no matter how they make you feel, are your deepest truths. In order to change, to become an active life participant, must you learn acceptance and acquiescence to both your bounty and your bitterness.

Truth does not come to fool you. It comes to enlighten you. Truth does not treat you with disrespect, but it treats you as worthy of its gifts. Truth does not show you anything that you are not ready to handle. Truth does not whisper of complacency and falsehood, but only words of clarity and honesty. Truth, though strangely unbecoming at times, is your greatest guide, your greatest admirer, your greatest focus, and your greatest companion, leading you forward, asking for your participation in life as a mature, acknowledging, spirit-driven being, who is finally ready to acquiesce to all the gifts you are being offered.

Truth is your greatest gift giver. And who is this truth speaker? Who is this, who dares to utter words that shake you up, that sends you headlong into pain and fear, that professes to love you? I think you know who this truth-speaker and bearer of gifts of change is. Yes, you do. It is your quiet inner self, deeply attached to you and your journey, while simultaneously distant and detached from all that you hold dear, to all that you cling to. Your inner spirit self asks you to evolve.

I have given you many mantras and awakening exercises, such as the body tapping from the previous message. It is up to you to participate in more fully aligning with the inner self who so resonates with and acknowledges this guidance that is available. Accept the gifts that are given, but your next step is greater action, fuller participation, more fully daring to unblock access to this spirit guide within. Each one of you, My Dear Readers, is being challenged to maintain your mature adult self in balance with this spirit self. You are being prodded to maintain your awareness of these two selves as your guides, remaining focused on the truths you are offered, the gifts of truth that are offered as your personal guidance.

You are awakening! Now it is time to begin each day by:

1. getting up out of bed,

2. awakening your physical self with tapping exercises,

3. aligning spirit with physical self,

4. looking into your truth-speaking mirror,

5. accepting its gifts of direction, knowing that this is what your spirit wants you to work on, in alignment at all times, with that spirit self.

You cannot go wrong, if you allow this alignment of inner and outer truths to guide you each day. I speak from personal experience of truths being presented, and learning to acquiesce to them, but also to accepting them as my greatest guides.