New Store Additions

Dear Fellow Readers and Journeyers,

Periodically, almost weekly, we have been adding new books and movies to our store. Anything that we add has special significance to both of us and is in alignment with what we feel is important in life, seeking spiritual and earthly awareness.

I was given a book to read, actually my 90 year old aunt passed it along to me after she had ordered it by chance and found it to be quite interesting. Jan has to read this, she said. The book is Mia Dolan’s I Know Why We’re Here, based on her own experiences in discovering her psychic abilities. In the past I have avoided reading about other channelers. Fearing I would be influenced or become doubtful of my own abilities, I never sought out such books. But since this book came to me through a very important person in my life I decided to read it, and I’m so glad I did. She very clearly, in her direct manner, describes experiences that mirror my own, from her descriptions of seeing visions to how she interprets energy. In spite of my fears of influence I felt quite the opposite as I read her book; I found my own insecurities and doubts refreshingly swept away. Her book is enlightening and encouraging, even as she struggles with often dire and life threatening situations, showing us a person who is truly doing the work of an evolving being. I recommend, if you are struggling with what direction to go with your own psychic abilities, that her book may anchor you more firmly in your own process.

We have also been delving into the books of Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian writer who writes so simply and eloquently about his own spiritual process. Based in esoteric traditions, his process is enjoyable reading, offering much invaluable guidance. We have added another of his books to the Journeys category, but recommend really any of his books.

Aside from those books we have also added one of Chuck’s favorite films, Groundhog Day, which I have, as yet, been unable to see through to the end, since every time I attempt to watch it I fall asleep!

In closing, we have noticed that in all of these books and movies that we mention and recommend, we find echoes of Jeanne’s messages, underscoring the basic truth of the guidance we receive and remain committed to passing on to you, Our Readers.

With love, and high regard for all of you as you take your journeys. Thank you for taking this part of it with us.
Jan, and Chuck, too.