#462 Finding Your Personal Secrets

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message I can pass along today?

My Dear Ones, do not overexert or overstress your natural abilities of awareness, cognition, and the deeper knowing of the interconnectedness of all things. During this time of energy compilation, of stacking of necessary energy for the future, allow your natural abilities to rise with you each morning, to be present throughout your day, and to slumber with you in the awareness of your dreams. I speak today of recognition of your innate powers as being perfectly natural and acceptable to you in your daily lives.

Do not run and hide from what you learn. Do not attempt either to over evaluate or over digest, but simply allow awareness to be present in your life, existing for its ability to aid you in your growth.

I have spoken, recently, of new energies being available for growth, and such energy is ready for usage. Do not worry about having the stamina, nor the presence of physical alertness, to undertake your life issues at this time. There is plenty in store. As you take actions, now, that will further your evolution, as well as your present existence, you need not worry about having enough energy to do what you must. There is plenty of energy to assist you.

Ask and you will be granted assistance. That is the other awareness I speak of today. In allowing the self to trust innate abilities, so must you allow the self to deeply trust the process and the guidance that is available as your steps in life unfold.

Now is a time of action, partnered with the usage of innate abilities of awareness, cognition, as well as allowance of blockages to innocence of self to be removed by the circumstances and synchronicities that come to show you the way forward now. It is a time to dismantle your old ideas of the self, of old issues, and even of failed attempts to influence your self and your situation by use of your awareness. So what if you have failed in the past? What did you learn in your failure? That you tried too hard? That you were not truly trusting and available yet? Perhaps your earlier attempts to move forward in your life were based on the wrong reasons, making your deepest truths unnecessary at that time.

Now it is time to trust and act upon the deeper truths of the self, trusting your innate abilities of awareness, cognition, and knowing to show you the means to achieve growth, to reach your next step, and to reveal your true goal, as you become more trusting of the self. Each step now taken, if taken with innocent trust in the deeper knowledge of the true self, will provide you with life’s secrets.

Do you know what I mean by secrets? I do not speak of the great secrets of life and death upon that earth, or afterlife secrets, though they are equally interesting, but today I speak of your individual secrets. Only in living a life of action, trust, and innocence, based on your own inner truths, will your own secrets be revealed. You may have an inkling of your potential at the core of your deepest desire right now. But the revelation of your secrets will not be presented to you if you do not act upon your knowing and your innocence. Only in action, though you may move forward with trepidation, will your personal secrets be revealed.

Finding these secrets involves your greatest abilities to live a life of meaning, to become more fully aware, and to grow into a being who is loving, compassionate, and non-judgmental in a world dominated by judgments, definitions, and powerless structures that merely hold you stagnant, though they tower over you, exhibiting great strength and great possibility. However, it is not these structures that stand so solidly before you that contain your secrets, for they are but figments of men’s imaginations. They are but crumbling to dust as the years wear on, heavier and heavier in their meaningless dogma.

No, your secrets lie deeply inside you, awaiting excavation. I suggest that perhaps you have been digging for your treasure among the old tumbling structures, among the graveyards of decline, as expressed in your own life, and in the lives around you. When I speak of taking action and proceeding on your journey, searching for your secrets, I speak of turning inward, where everything is contained and awaiting discovery.

For today, look to your awareness of self, of inner and outer self in stable, calm balance, to show you what to do next in your life. Allow your inner self to show you something today that you have always had present and available to you, but you had simply not respected this aspect of self before. In fact, you may have found it quite disturbing or unusual, and so you neglected and dismissed it.

Take a different view of the self today, as a person of awareness, with interest in growth. Allow your self to be present in now, even while you pursue your deeper inner truths, using your awareness, cognition, and knowing of interconnectedness of all things. Find out what those abilities are trying to point out to you as you take your next step toward your inner secrets, with trusting awareness.