#463 Are You Ready?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
The energy has been feeling a little heavy, a little cumbersome. Do you have some guidance for us, as we continue our inner work, in how to deal with such energy outside of us?

Well, My Dear Ones, the outer energy is stacking now, accumulating in a container of preparedness, not yet ready to release, but present nonetheless. Such energy pushes one more innerly than normal. This is a time of introspection and inspection of the deeper issues that have now been shown to you as most important in your individual life.

Over the past few weeks and months you have been shown what your inner work is. You have been placed in a position to do your self a big favor by paying attention to what is most necessary as far as your inner growth is concerned. Your dreams and your realities, My Dear Ones, have been pointing out your direction. The energy that you now feel, as perhaps a bit heavy, has also been accumulating and pointing you to your inner work.

I suggest that you take advantage of its slight heaviness to turn inward and do some work on your current issues, those most apparent and most pressing. Those inner issues are also related to your outer life too, and the situations you find your selves in. Inner work reflects outer life, and outer work reflects what is happening in your inner life, you see? No matter how you try to use one to escape the other so are they so connected that you cannot push one aside for the other. Everything in your life is interconnected; so do not dismiss one iota of detail that is offered to you as you go about your daily life.

Are you actively searching for signs to guide you? Are you not perceiving anything of significance? Do you desire something more apparent, more straightforward and plainly spoken? Well, I must say that what you are given is what you need and it comes in the form that is most necessary for you at this moment.

Although one person may receive a gift of knowing with undoubtable clarity, so may another have to struggle to ascertain the meaning of some vague handout of a sign. This is very natural, for your gifts are meant to teach you what you need to learn. Your process is going to be very individual, and your guidance will be placed before you in a manner that only you will understand.

If you are not seeing any signs, I contest that you are not noticing yet. And why are you not noticing? Perhaps you are not truly ready to perceive the signs, for they may shake you up too much, or they may shatter your self-illusions.

Are you truly ready for change? Have you prepared your ego for its inevitable displacement, as you will surely have to ask it to step aside, in order for growth to happen? Are you too demanding? Do you want things to happen in your way, in a manner that is conducive to your daily life, without having to step off your beaten path?

Well, I push you, ever so gently My Dears, to look outside of your known world for the signs that are there to guide you. You are being asked to go slightly astray now, from your normal well-trodden path of perceiving and receiving in an old manner. In order to allow the self to step off the old pathway must you be ready to acquiesce to something that your ego has no knowledge of. And that is why your inner work is so important.

It is necessary to become aware of your softly speaking heart, to become comfortable in the body of your inner self. Even as you have already learned to recognize your ego self, in your outer body, so is it time now to turn inward and begin to trust this inner self.

In order to more fully attain your inner awareness, and your inner knowing, you are being shown the issues that are of greatest importance. Your inner life is showing you the truth of what your outer life has been showing you for a long time now too. It is a time of building and stacking energy, culminating in a clearer understanding of your new direction if you allow your inner process of truth-speaking to show you where to go next.

Although you may feel the heaviness of the outer energy, if you go innerly you will experience the delightfulness of your own energy as it, too, is contained, building and gaining in momentum, but also motivation, creativity, clarity, and awareness. See what happens as the pressure outside begins to diffuse. You may feel an inner release, an effervescence of inner self, knowing and acceptable, once you realize that it is your own energy, and that it is fully available in so many new ways.

Lastly, I would just like to point out that as this energy shifts and turns into gently bursting release, as if a cap is being slowly removed from a bottle of bubbly liquid, so will you be offered a daring challenge. And that is what you must use your awareness to recognize, but also your inner truth and clarity, in order to know if you are ready to accept such a daring proposal. That is your challenge. Are you ready?