#454 What is the Truth?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for your readers today? In spite of the calmness that you spoke about the other day there seems to be such inner struggle now to maintain equilibrium. Can you address this?

The test now is to stay innerly focused, but as you know, this is always the test. The inner journey is the one that leads to change and transformation, but it will only lead to such evolutionary growth if awareness is trained. Whether you still struggle with Part I of the training, or if you have advanced to Part II, or Part III, or even beyond, does not matter. For even with all of your accumulated knowledge of how the world works, so is your training constantly being distilled down to a single issue and that is, maintaining balance (inner/outer, spiritual/physical), at all times, with awareness.

Even though calmness may now appear to aid you in your inner work, so is it there, inside your self, that you must also find your calmness in order to continue your steady work on the self. Even as you encounter your demons outside of you, so must you return to your inner demons at the end of each day. In truth, are your inner demons far more powerful than anything outside of you. But I do not wish to speak of inner demons today.

I wish for continued focus to be placed on stable and steady inner/outer connection with the more intense focus now placed on your inner struggles. While outer calmness may reign only for a short period, use this time well to establish who is in charge in your inner world. Is your inner World Bank in charge, your inner spiritual advisor, your inner critic, your inner restaurateur, your inner schoolteacher, your inner child, your inner car salesman, your inner adult self, etc.? I suggest that even as you ponder the world situation, as it continues to deteriorate, so must you question how you too reflect such deterioration, even while you accept your struggles to grow and evolve beyond what is reflected in this outer world. Do not fall into maintaining superiority of ego, but do maintain humility of spirit, focused on truth.

Your lessons now in gaining awareness must remain focused on truth. Keep the word TRUTH always in your mental picture, speaking it silently to your self. Ask constantly: What is the truth? Look for this above all else as you cut deeper into your psyche for the answers to your thoughts and actions on your search for balance. Only with truth present, at all times, will you achieve balanced awareness.

So this is your struggle. You see? You are not so affected by the outer energy so much as you are very affected by the inner energy of your own struggles. The outer energy is merely a reflection of self, yet is it one of your greatest teachers. Resolution of self, and being able to find balanced awareness, is rooted in your desire to evolve.

So, first of all, I suggest that each day you replant your self in your desire to grow and connect with inner spirit, focused on truth. This is your seedling and your nurturing step, each day, as you remind your self to stay in balance. What kind of balance are we talking about anyway? We are talking about the balance of inner and outer awareness. I know it is far easier to plant the self in the outer world, so readily available, and offering such grounding measures. Often the inner spirit slumbers, but now must you remind your self, each day, that this is no longer true. Your spirit is awakened. So shake it awake with you, each morning, inviting it to remain present in your body, even as you go about your daily tasks, looking for your morning sustenance, and as you prepare for your day. Invite it to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so that it may be present throughout your day. Feed it good conversation and, based in truth, speak about your desires and dilemmas together.

This is how you must constantly rekindle your connection. No matter where you are and how distant you may become during your day, so are you instantly connectable. If you turn inward and ask: where are you, so will your inner self immediately respond. This is how you will find your truths, My Dear Ones, by constantly turning inward.

Do not be afraid of your process. It is but one of purifying the self, of finding the golden self, of understanding the true meaning of life upon that earth, far beyond the mundane. Even though you reside in the mundane, so will it transform and change as you find your place of spirit and begin to observe, study, and learn from a new perspective, from spirit awareness.

I hope this helps in your wanderings and wonderings, My Dears. It is a time of struggle now, but it is a time of struggling to get to the underlying truths, and such times are indeed trying. Think of purity, truth, and balance leading to greater connection and awareness. That is what you seek now, both innerly and outerly.