#455 Where is the Hidden Jewel in the Dung Heap?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I must say that in spite of your contention that calmness is reigning in the outer energy it seems to me that it is not so much calmness as a waiting to burst forth kind of energy, as if a lid is sitting on a boiling pot and it is going to boil over any minute. Any comments?

There has certainly been a calmness of energy, for however briefly, yet has it been your challenge, My Dear Readers, to recognize your own place of calmness within. For in spite of your turmoil there have indeed been moments of calm knowing, moments of clarity, and moments of confrontation. Only in accepting your own process, your own issues, and your own actions, in spite of what I contend, will you continually grow and gain awareness. I turn my awareness of the energy right back to you. I place this awareness firmly in your laps and ask each of you to consider your own place along your path at this visceral moment.

As you read my messages are you not also reading your own inner messages? As you respond with awareness to what I contend, do you not also have awareness of place of self simultaneously? Do you not each read my propositions as specific to you and your conditions in life? Do you not understand that even as I speak on a universal level, so do I also speak on an intimate level, with each one of you? The outer energy is not proposed by me, but is already present. I attend to it in order for you to have access to a greater awareness and so that you may use the outer energy to aid you in your daily lives. You see?

Where are you going with all of this?

Well, what I am saying here is that, in spite of what I say, the energy exists, but the process of awareness involves you learning to read the energy as well. So if I suggest, as I did earlier in the week, that there is calmness outside of you and you do not detect it, so am I challenging you to find it, for it does indeed exist, and not simply because I say so. Your training in awareness is propelled forward by your own ability to detect and utilize what is available in your world, both your inner world and your outer world.

I know that sometimes it is impossible to relate to the outer energy if you are deeply caught in inner struggles, yet do I contend that even so, you are using the outer energy in a manner that is appropriate and meaningful to you, even though you may not be aware of it. So, no matter what I propose regarding the outer energy, I ask you, My Dear Readers, to allow your own energy to take a moment to read the energy around you for your own purposes of growth, awareness, and inner work.

So, I understand that. You are trying to teach us to be always aware of the energy and you are saying that we already read it properly and use it, even if we are not aware that we are doing so?

Yes, but I ask also that you begin to notice your own innate awareness of the energy and your own sense of how to use it.

Fair enough. What else would you like to talk about today?

I am aware of great struggles now, as shifts begin to take place. Once again, even as I might suggest that calmness is present for a final brief space of time, so do I also know that it will now spiral into an inner space, which each of you must contend with on an individual level. Now is a time of retrospection, but it must not become a time of retribution or discourse wasted upon a past that is no longer necessary.

It is a time to move beyond regret, accepting now as the only place to be. Even as you may need to rehash old events, to discover the hidden jewel in the dung heap, so must you stay anchored in the present. For only in the present will the jewel shine forth and be of value, as you stay upon your path of forward growth.

Do not get caught in what I propose, but look, each of you, deeply into your current situation. Where is your jewel buried? What is it that you have been missing? What have your truths been telling you? Do you not see that within each truth is yet another truth? The truth of your own growing awareness is revealed to you at each confrontation. The truth of your own inner guidance and the acknowledgment of your own inner wisdom, your power of knowing, and your own awareness of what to do next, is fully available to you as each truth is spoken.

Your awareness is being trained. It is showing you what you have inside, what is in every one of you: your ability to guide the self, to open to guidance, to trust it, and to stay connected to it. Your truths are showing you what to trust, how to listen, how to know what to do next, but most importantly, your truths are asking you to trust your process, your journey and, even more importantly, to trust your self.

All of your experiences are valid steps along the way. The challenge, now, is to use your inner awareness more fully to your advantage. Your choices, although often made in blindness, or in routine actions, must now come from what you have been learning about your self. Your truths revealed are meaningful, but they are also showing you your deepest desires for growth and connection.

In conclusion, I ask that you maintain these thoughts over the next few days as you encounter what you must: Where is my awareness taking me? What is it showing me? What is my truth here, at this moment?

With these thoughts may you be grounded in the present even as you continue to contend with the troubles of the past. Continue walking forward, no matter how greatly the past wishes to draw you back. The struggles at such a time of preparation for great change are always great. Keep that in mind, for it will help keep your awareness present in your current dilemma, even as it will provide you with focused momentum as you ask your self to keep going forward. Stay in your truth, but also listen to what it is really saying to you. It is showing you just how truly aware you are.