#453 Sit Across the Table From Your Truth

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Do not look outside of you for the answers, but turn inward, even though calm may reign now more apparently outside of you. Turmoil, confusion, and disappointment may indeed be present if you continually look outwardly for gratification and purpose. Find your inner balance now, using the outer calm to force your attention into your own psyche, for otherwise is there risk for delay in processing that which is most meaningful.

By this interpretation of inner and outer energy, I propose that although your outer world and its energy may now appear to calm down and become almost boring, and even tiresomely non-available, so will this not be true. Do not look to stir up the energy outside of you now. Allow it to slumber, as it gathers force for future needs upon that earth. Use this time of calmness to attend to your inner work without the distractions normally so prevalent and presented by outer forces.

You are being offered a reverie over the next few days, perhaps stretching into a few weeks if you are lucky, as some very important data is processed. Take advantage of this time to process your own inner data. This includes, but is not limited to, what you have been shown and learned about your outer self, your outer life, your relationships, dilemmas, and false propositions over the past several weeks and months of turbulence. Use the knowledge of self that you have so diligently gained, taking it inwardly now, meditating upon its significance as you seek your next step.

Each day are you offered the opportunity to step in a new direction, to make a new choice about something; an opportunity, in fact, to change. This may simply be a change in attitude, a change in perspective, or a change in tone of voice, or a change in viewing what is presented to you by the voice of another. Your daily opportunity is showing you the way to begin making changes in your life, each step leading you to experiencing your own life, and life in general, differently.

Now, after all the energetic twists and turns of recent weeks, after the inner and outer turmoil, I suggest that you sit in quiet contemplation, in inner meditation, allowing for calmness to enter you, to enter your very bloodstream, slowing you down, down, down to a calm flow, to your own energetic resonance. Find this familiar inner calm again. And use it now for personal growth and change.

Now is the time to surrender to the facts, of self and others, that you have learned so well, so painfully, so joyfully, over the past weeks and months. Now is the time to sit and face your hard earned truths, to acknowledge them, and to speak to them, in inner calmness. If you are looking for a plan of action, go to your inner self, who knows the truths, and ask for advice on what comes next. You will not be disappointed by the answers you receive, though you may be greatly challenged and greatly surprised. Know that it will be the answer of truth, speaking plainly and directly, if you allow your self to go to it, sitting calmly across the table from it, and allow it to tell you what it knows.

This process must happen in inner calmness. Though your own voice of truth may be speaking all the time, you may not be able to hear it, until you dissolve your outer world, shutting your curtains, and going into your inner sanctum.

Recognize your truth by its deep resonance with your inner spirit self. You know your own truths. Do not even doubt this. But whether or not you are ready to accept them, and act on them, is another thing. That is what I suggest you use this energetic calmness to accomplish, to go innerly and find your truth, discovering how to fully accept it, and use it to guide you forward now in your inner life, but eventually in your outer life.

Decisions made now, based in truth, will allow for lessons in trust to be fully realized, while lessons in participating in life’s unfolding will emerge from the inner acknowledgment of self as guide. Use your calmness well, My Dear Ones. Find time now to visit your truths, meeting across the discussion table, calmly listening and speaking to each other, relying on your mutual acknowledgment of each other to show you something new.

It is not a time to act yet; it is a time to accept your truths. Taking action will only be right once you are clearly in alignment with the truths, of self and others, as they are revealed in your contemplation. Action will follow, but it must be right action or you will end up back in the meeting room again, to rehash the same truths over and over again, until they are more clearly defined and spoken. And later on, the energy may not be so cooperative as it is now.

Now is the time to take your seat at the table and have a calm talk with your self, freed of outer distractions. Your plans for the future must be hashed out innerly, or they will not be fully available, in energetic alignment for right action to move you forward. You are looking for distillation and purity of truth, for only then will you have clarity of purpose and love at your heart center to move forward with as your underlying energetic component and companion. Without clarity of truth, will your progress remain foggy and unclear. Your truth unaccepted, will keep you wondering and foundering upon your path. Think truth. Seek truth. Acknowledge truth, accepting it as your true guide now, as you go into inner calm, and see where that leads you now.