#450 A New Alliance

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today? Personally, I am experiencing the energy as very erratic and testy, a little exhausting, perhaps challenging or pushy.

Yes, My Dears, the energy of now does wish for balance and extended growth. It seeks to align you with your truth and to keep you focused on your path. So how does it do that? By challenging you and testing you, of course! How otherwise would you know your truths and your right alignment, if you were not shown the opposites as well? Do you think the great masters and the great spiritualists did not also have to walk through the same energy, in order to achieve evolutionary enlightenment? Your tests are many and this is appropriate for growth. You see?

The consequences of maintaining awareness are many, as you learn who you are by taking your tests and constantly reminding your self to return to your inner self, your calm heart-centered self, as you make your way. Where do your right responses and your right answers come from in life? Who truly has the answers? Only the inner self, the aligned self, the balanced self will be able to pull up the answers to life’s questions.

Your progress is assured if you remain cognizant of self as spirit, as energy, and as an evolving being. Many of you may wish to find other monikers of self-description, and that is fine too, but always must your balanced calm self be your focused guide. I do not mean your rational thinking mind that calculates and figures, that introduces the fear of decline in numbers and in thoughts of destruction, for this aspect of self is not supposed to be in charge of truth. It is a worthy and necessary companion throughout life, but its suppositions and its precedents must be in alignment with your heart energy, or it will not do you much good in the long run.

Do you feel stuck now in this energy? Are you feeling weighted down by its pushiness, almost as if you are being pressed down from above, rather than pushed forward from behind, toward something new? If this is so, then must you sit awhile and contemplate what it is that you have not learned yet in the predicament you find your self in. Your dilemma may be of the spirit sort; it may be of the material sort; the consumption sort; the greedy sort; the undone past sort; or the refusal to see the truth inside and outside. It may be the result of old behaviors that continue to press you to recognize them as your greatest teachers.

And what is it that your greatest teachers always wish for you? Do they wish you to fail, to sit down and cry, to sit in your muck and not get up again? Of course not, they wish you to grow! They wish for your spirit to rise up inside you and say: Come My Dear One, you are precious and beautiful. You are worthy and deserving. You are full of great potential and possibility. You are bound for truth and alignment now. Come with me on our true journey to seek our purpose, to seek our connection, more fully. Bind your self in a new alliance with me now, your inner teacher who works with your cruel outer teachers in order for you to evolve. We are all one, you know? All of us coexist as parts of you. We are aligned in this process. All aspects of self must be contended with by accepting life’s challenges as the most meaningful means of evolving.

Your participation is fully required. No one else can take your journey for you, nor carry your burdens, nor find your truths, nor hear your spirit speaking to you. Only you are capable of waking up your spirit’s true desires, the ones that will lead you to fulfillment, but also to the possibility of further evolution. How you accept your challenges and how well you do on your tests are up to you as you make your choices, as you wake your self up to the truth that lies behind each challenge, and as you ask your teacher inside you and outside you for meaning and purpose.

When you realize you no longer need them so blatantly present, so are you in alignment with their presence in your path, accepting of them for what they offer, and taking your journey now with impeccable balance, and with the awareness that everything that comes to greet you is teacher, guide, and self.