#449 Am I in Good Balance?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Look inward as you continue seeking balance in all aspects of life. Even though you may teeter on the edge of the precipice, look inward for the true balance that will keep you from toppling over the edge. Look inward for the calm knowing that comes to the man who understands that there is no other wellspring of life, and contentment, than that which is found within in the stillness of balanced calm living, with love and compassion binding all connections.

Do not hesitate to ask the self often this week: Am I in good balance? Simply in presenting the self with this question so will your attention be directed and placed upon a worthy pursuit. Ask this as often as is necessary of the self, with intent to constantly be aware of the self in all circumstances. Too often is balance attempted by achieving a superior stance, or by negating or departing from aspects of life that are truly necessary to experience. Balance requires that every aspect of life be taken into consideration as a possible true part of life to be partaken in, lived, enjoyed, and yet in such a way as to not overdo, over consume, or go out of calm and fulfilling balance. You see, balance does not mean giving up that which life freely offers, but it does mean maintaining a mature presence.

Maturity is understanding that life is meant for growth of spirit and for evolution of soul. A priority in every life should be this knowledge, underlying all aspects of life, and as the basis for every word, action, and deed. As you continue your practices of awareness and balance, do not forget that you are an energy being who is seeking evolution from your reincarnation cycles. With this knowledge underscoring everything you do, perhaps your place of balance may be more steadily achieved, as purpose becomes focused on evolution of spirit energy, over all other purposes.

Once acquiescence to spirit growth is acceptable to you, perhaps your way in life may not appear so troublesome, so precipitously precarious, or so defeating. With focus on true purpose, to evolve, so may your purpose in this lifetime be achieved based on spirit intent as well, rather than on the comforts of the material world. The physical world is but your school, your center of learning, and your teacher. But your true world is one of energy, and that is what you must also keep in mind as you continue to live balanced lives.

I like to remind you of this fact at regular intervals, My Dear Ones, bringing you back to your awareness of self as energy above all else. This aspect of self can get so buried beneath the trappings of life, and I use that word in the true sense, for life can trap you in what it offers, stealing and burying your sense of self as anything but burdened and heavily weighed down by life and its difficulties.

Today, I remind you that you are an energy being. Your life upon that earth is a learning experience. Your job is to maintain your awareness of all things, all people, and all aspects of life, as energy. And your goal is to learn balanced detachment as you live in that world, yet as you also seek to disengage from it. That may sound quite tricky, but it can be done, even while you live and work, and love and play in the USA. Learning what it means to live a balanced life in such a situation is quite a challenge. Are you living in balance?