#451 Do Not Dismiss What is Right at Your Feet

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today as we go into a weekend?

I suggest a rootedness, an anchoring, in order to maintain your balance. In order to continue your steady progress and access your deeper self, so is it paramount that you remain connected to the energy of balance at your feet that comes from the very earth. Your Mother Earth does offer this to you, for her energy is stabilizing and unique in its awareness of balance and connection.

Allow for interactions with such energy, keeping awareness of it as nurturing energy. Prepare for its soon to be awakened energy, as spring and the unfolding of new life energy will emerge from her winter womb. Now is a time of great stored energy, which you can tap into for good usage, even while it is preparing to be used for nature itself.

Find your own anchoring to this great mother. Use your feet to plant your self firmly in her gravity, her steady and knowing maturity. Ask for her help, for her nurturance, and for her abilities to become part of your own. Ask her for advice in how to become the spirit being you strive to be, even as you ask your other guides in the ethereal realms. You must not dismiss what is right at your feet, for though you may consider the earth but dirt and mire, so is it full of much more than that.

There is energy there at your feet, though you may not see it, missing it as you look upon your muddy shoes or your toes buried in the sand. Find your connection to this Mother Earth through the bareness of your soles. Allow her energy to seep into your worthy frame as you walk upon her ready body of energetic potential.

Do not dismiss her power or her desire for all mankind to benefit and grow, even though, at times, she may be the disciplining mother who wishes only to shake you out of your complacency with her abrupt and often cruelly unanticipated sparks of natural disaster and demise. It is not nice to tease her, and it is not advantageous to ignore her either, but to be in harmonious accord will afford you many years of satisfaction. As you tend her, so does she tend you, offering her bounty and her energy, and feeding not only your mouths, but your hearts and your souls, as well.

Anchor your selves in her knowledge. Be aware of the earth at your feet and the powers of her inner resources, as you seek your own balance. Understand her connection to all things and her abilities to affect everything in your environment, above, below, and in between. And who stands in between? You do, you human ones, who don’t realize how subjected you are to her powers, for you pretend you are more powerful than Earth-Nature-Mother. Your powers are plentiful, but not in the areas you now suppose. Your powers are still hidden, to a great many of you, though your awakening to spirit potential has truly begun.

Do not dismiss the power of energy outside of you, as well as inside you. The earth at your feet and the energies that encompass her are your allies if you learn to treat them with acknowledgment of their presence and their abundance, as well as the possibilities they hold for you, once you ascertain that you are, in fact, truly connected, one to all and all to one.

For your progress to continue, for your inner work to proceed, must you learn to pull your self innerly for connection with self, but in a balanced manner, anchored to the energy that is readily present and available to you. You do not need to look too far, nor stray beyond your own environment to look for connection, for it lies at your very feet. This is grounding time. Now, isn’t that nice to know!