#445 Your Path is Rich

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Today, a Reader asks a question about spiritual awakenings and finding true path.

Dear Jeanne,
I once had a conversation with the divine, God, perhaps angels, I don’t really know or don’t remember, but it has stayed with me for many years. I was a child, maybe a teenager, when I had this dream. This energy was telling me how nothing was an accident. The dream showed me the expanse of the universe and how guided we all are. It was spoken that, after each birth, the baby is programmed to forget because if she remembered then the work would not get done. I recall accepting my duties, my “contract,” with great excitement and I recall being excited to get down there (to earth) and get it done so I could come back “home.” I had no hesitation, no second thoughts, just a pure joy to be able to serve. I also remember, at the time this was revealed to me, how important it was that I remember, and I wondered why I was allowed to remember, seeing as we are “programmed” to forget. For many years I would forget and then re-remember this dream, and in my mind it is very clear, very real, and it is the thread that has kept pulling me back onto my journey. I have never revealed this to anyone, maybe because I did not want to be met with doubt, and it is certainly easier to write this experience rather than try to articulate it. I am certain now, after recent events and synchronicities, that this was a real experience, that I was meant to remember it in this lifetime. After reading some of the book, “Sacred Contracts” by Carolyn Myss, I realize that this was my glimpse into enlightenment, my spiritual awakening. It is the single moment that I draw upon and keep remembering. I know it is significant and, yet, I need or want validation. I also would like to know when, or how, I can open myself up for another one. Is it possible that an experience like this can happen more then once in a lifetime? Also, there are many things that I want to “do,” but how do I know what my true path is? This has been a struggle and a question for me for so long, and so I am just flowing right now, accepting my duties as being a stay-at-home mom, and loving it, but I know there is more, writing a book, opening a business, becoming a fitness model… you get the picture. How do you know what your true path is? And it seems to me that not all paths “look” spiritual.

Thank you for your love and insights.

My Dearest Reader, your experience, as described, is indeed an opportunity for spiritual awakening. Many such opportunities may be offered in a lifetime, until your progress is assured and your mission accepted. Though many disregard such information, your own spirit latched onto never forgetting, which is vital awareness training. Such an experience has marked your path.

Do you not see that your true path is the path you are now on? As you search for meaning and experience life as a young mother, so are you being shown all that you now need in order to progress on a path of spirit. Your early dream experience did indeed alert you to many truths that remain buried in the physical body, and in the psyche, until unleashed by circumstances or profoundly moving experiences.

Until the experience is accepted, and acquiesced to, there may be many such awakenings, but even the most clearly defined explanation for life and purpose are often dismissed as mere dreams, rather than deep insights. From your description of your self, I gather that you are not one to dismiss such dreams as mere trivia, but that you are indeed quite awakened, and were so at a young age. Perhaps you have had many other such awakenings in your life, though your awareness was not as attuned as during this episode that you describe? Perhaps you did not need another awakening jolt after that grand one you received? Or perhaps you have not truly wanted another yet?

There are many reasons why spiritual awakenings are presented, many forms in which they are presented, and for what purposes, based on where you are now in your life. Your latest awakening was in your birth-giving process. For if you ponder your experience, from other than that of manual/physical labor (ha! ha!), so will you understand it in the context of a spiritual experience.

I can only say that, yes, many awakenings are offered, but not always of the sort that you have described until you are ready to receive them. You see? In your innocence were you allowed access to such knowledge, for in your innocence could you capture it and keep it safe. The information you received was not only granted to you, but your child self was available to receive it and also to capture it for a lifetime. In so doing were you offered an entry into spiritual pondering of life as much greater than that which is right before the eyes.

That is what you must remain aware of now as well. Experiences of awakening, and of other worlds, are offered in many ways throughout your lifetime, yet is your place in life an important factor in whether or not you are available to receive them. I gather that your attention now is quite focused on your motherhood, your child, your marriage, and your self growth. But if you are honest with your self, you know that you must remain in the world of mother now more fully. Perhaps you are feeling that as your child grows, becoming more active, more demanding, and needing more of your time, that you will lose connection to your spirit self? Perhaps you fear a darkness ahead, as you find your self further embedded in the process of marital discord or harmony, as life progresses as it should? Do you wish for more time for the self, while knowing that your duties as mother and wife are of ultimate importance right now?

I do not mean to imply that you are confused, but I do point out that you are exactly where you should be. For it is the process of learning to become the maternal figure that your life, obviously, has laid out for you as the path to now be on.

In order to fulfill your true path, so must you embrace your budding self, while at the same time embracing your burdening self. Your maturing self is fully capable of taking on the tasks and challenges of motherhood, for they are quite adequate for learning everything you will need to know about the secrets of life that you yearn so greatly for knowledge of. Your path is rich. Your life, though at times tiresome and even unclear as to its future, is fertile and offering quite a plethora of gifts, spiritual, material, and even energetically inclined awakenings.

Look upon your child as your guide, even as you look upon her as your responsibility. Do not hide your spirit self from her, for it is your duty, as a spiritual being, to allow her innocent child self to trust her own experiences as they are presented to her. She is also the mirror of your own innocence. As you watch her discovering the world, remind your self of your own initiations into life, observing how she experiences it in the company of you, who also are her mirror. Your job as mother is a fully spiritual experience, My Dear One, though it is also steeped in the necessities of your every day life.

I bid you turn your head more often to the knowledge your child holds and may reveal to you as she grows, speaks, and articulates her experiences of life, trusting you and your permission to discover that all experiences are valid, necessary, and spiritually based. Your child and you share a path now, teacher and student both, as you reciprocally teach and learn what life is about and what it has in store for you both.

Your future holds many gifts, as does your present. Your awakenings are available, more real than you may notice. It is how you elect to interpret the events in your life that matters. That is how you will discover your next step along your path and the direction to take. You see? How you interpret your life’s unfolding is key to how you will proceed, making choices and understanding the meaning of all that you are provided with, each day, the little things and the big things.

Your gifts are many, your life abundant with signs, synchronicities, guidance, and purpose. Your attempts to remember your vision will always remind you of your innocence, but do not forget that you still have your innocence available to you. Allow your child self to reawaken alongside your own child, even as you remain her mother. Your innocence awakened, and your trust in it, will allow for new interpretations of your experiences in life, enlightening you once again.

Allow your innocence to guide you. Watch your young child for clear-cut examples of how to do that. Accept your role now as guide to her, but also as receiver of guidance. Each day is a new awakening of your innocence, as you go now forward, hand in hand, learning once again what life is all about, accompanying innocence inside you and outside you.

I suggest that you do not ponder too far into your future as to what you want to be when you grow up, as your question regarding your true path in that life is concerned. Your true path is the one you walk now. Your awareness of now, of your tasks and challenges of now, will lead you to your future, as you remain impeccable in your trust of spirit and your role as maternal guide, while reconnecting with that child self, who was once so awakened to the truth of a spiritual journey.

Good Luck! Your path is clear. You see?