#446 The New King of Innocence

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

My Dear Ones, do not hesitate to go innerly, to your soft self, your sweet self, so readily available and waiting for connection. This aspect of self is resident in all of you, though you may not address this part of your self in quite the same way that I do. I speak today of innocence, and this is a true and ready aspect of all of you, though you may have buried this under your years of life upon that earth. It is time now to excavate it and reconnect to it, but also to use this aspect of self more fully now, as you progress through life.

When great change is called for so is it also necessary to replace the king upon the throne, for the old king will not carry you forward upon his old steed, his armies tired and weakened by their struggles to uphold an old ideal that no longer holds any promise. Look to your self now for the new energy of change, for it too resides in you along with your innocence, two aspects of self awaiting your discovery. Innocence holds energy, light, and the ability to remain open to what is to come as you proceed now into the unknown, into your changing world.

I speak metaphorically, as always, yet do I also speak of true facts of the self, for all of you hold this innocence at bay, reluctant to release it into your reality. You fear it will be harmed or damaged by exposure to the rudiments of life upon that earth, but you forget that the old world is tumbling down. The old world that forgot about the existence of innocence and goodness, in all beings, is crumbling, leaving behind nothing but dust and rubble at your feet. The new world rising does not call for old fears now, but for hopeful enterprises, based on truth, on the connection of all beings, one to another, and on the underlying innocence of spirit that resides in all of you.

Do not look upon another as your enemy or your foe, as your adversary or your oppenent, but look upon that being as comprised of all that you too hold within you. Realize that just as you can have access to your innocence so can that being as well. Your course in life now must be resolution of, and acquiescence to, truth. Do you not find your truths being exposed to you now, as your life is reduced to the bare essentials of necessity and desire? Are you not able now to point to that which is of utmost importance to you, at this moment in your life?

This is a time of revelation and by that I mean that truths are being revealed to you, either by sudden exposure or because you have long sought them. Now is the time when these truths will show up at your door step and ask you to befriend them and accept them into your knowing. They ask for acquiescence to them, for only in so doing will you be able to discover how to proceed toward using your innocence properly, to guide you without the old fears, the old fragments of desire or supposed needs dragging you down or holding you stuck. As truths are revealed, so are you offered a taste of your innocence and the opportunity to accept it as your new power, your new king upon your throne, your inner throne of self. Your actions and decisions, in order to shift with the changing world, must be made from this inner innocence. You see: inner and innocence both reside inside each of you. They have been pushed down for many years as you have made your way through life, achieving and succeeding on many levels.

Now however, as your adult mature self knows, so well, you must have balance and you must be accountable in your world for every word, action, and deed. Your adult self knows, so fully, that true actions, true words, and true deeds must be the framework of who you are, at all times. This adult self must not be deserted, yet must this adult self move aside and make room now for the new energy of deeper truths to sit beside it upon the throne. The king must rule now from deeper truths, from the long repressed and hidden truths of innocence, rekindling now the stories of old that hold the energy of youthful vigor and daring.

So for today, I suggest that you ask your adult self, your resident king, to step down, or to move aside, or to relinquish to, even just a little bit, the inner new king of innocence who holds such truths of self firmly in his grasp. I do not mean to imply that a takeover or mutiny is at hand, or should be perpetrated, but definitely a friendly takeover would be a means of breaking down the doors of old and revealing what treasures lie waiting inside.

As I speak in metaphors, so must you relate their meaning to your own lives, My Dear Ones. I speak of finding your truths of spirit and allowing the energy of that inner spirit to guide you. Though your adult king self may fear the future and the demise of the old ways, so is your inner innocence a more truthful guide than any other available. This is the time to resurrect your inner self and allow it to lead you upon your truthful path. That is what is most important now, as the uncovering continues, and the dismantling reveals that there is much to rebuild with. Do not be frightened by the truths you discover, they are leading you to your next place of residence, inside the inner self, to the Inn of Innocence.