Happy Thanksgiving

Dearest Readers and Fellow Journeyers,

We extend our best wishes to everyone for a day of peace and calm during this traditional time of laying aside differences and gathering together for feasting, friendship, and sharing. We are on the verge of such potential for change to really permeate our country. Our heartfelt intent goes out to you and your families, to friends and strangers, and to the world that this change be allowed to happen, because this is the right time for it, and because we who populate this planet now are right for this time, ready and willing to let go of our judgments, our differences, and our old fears in order for humanitarian and spiritual evolution.

Thank you for the enthusiastic participation and good wishes you have extended to us over the years as we have shared our experiences with you. We are taking a few days off to be with our children and family members. Jeanne and Jan will return with a message on Monday, December 1, 2008. Chuck’s place will be closed as well over this weekend, while we allow ourselves some quiet reverie.

All the best to you,
Jan, Chuck, and Jeanne