#410 Seek Your Greatest Teacher Today

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Our recent discussions about the values and the confusions of other worlds have been very interesting. Can you talk about the proclivity of us humans to repeat, often throughout many lives perhaps, the same issues? Why is it so hard for us to face our truths and see through the veils around us? By the veils, I mean everything that appears to confuse us, including fear, doubt, denial; the stuckness that so often prevails.

My Dearest Jan, as human beings are you asked, over and over again, to take the opportunity to evolve beyond what you refer to as veils and stuckness. At each new life opportunity are you presented with a set of issues to work through. You are given, by your own choice as a potentially evolving spirit, the ultimate picture completion. Then are you given full responsibility for completing that picture. Your veils are your challenges and your teachers, as they hide from you the clarity of that picture of the perfect being. Your evolutionary potential is given a new opportunity each time you begin a new life. But your awareness of this is, in essence, taken from you at each new life, soon after birth into that world.

The trials of awareness begin immediately. First is awareness quickly muffled and veiled, as you learn and re-learn about life upon that earth. Every experience in that life is revealing some aspect of your awareness to you. This is what you must realize in order to gain clarity and be able to confront your truths, wholeheartedly, with your perfect picture self in mind. Your evolution is not in that world, but inside the self. As your awareness is revealed to you, so are you re-united with its true potential.

You are forced into solitary confinement, caught in the veils, and stuck in your entrapped places because you need to be there. Your ability to see is not in question, because you all have moments of clarity. But your ability to maintain your awareness and accept the challenge it presents to you is your greatest feat. Are you all not daily presented with what you need to learn? Are not your truths constantly being revealed to you, in one form or another? Are you not exposed to the barren truths of the self, over and over again? If this is all so, then your greatest challenge becomes to access and live your truths, pushing aside the veils that constantly fall back over your eyes, leaving you half buried, even though your truths have been shown to you quite clearly.

Each of you has one basic and ultimate challenge in that life. You may feel that you have many, but there is, essentially, one central challenge to your evolving self for this lifetime. You may at times feel overwhelmed by many things, but what is your basic need in that life? That is where you will find your greatest issue, your greatest challenge, and your greatest teacher.

Seek your teacher today, as you ponder your own place of stuckness. You see it so clearly in others, perhaps; yet are you likely to push that same teacher away when approached by it again and again. If you continue to push your greatest teacher away, so will you continue to remain stuck. And as we have been talking about rescue in the past few days, so will you discover that no one will be able to rescue you from your confrontations with the ultimate teacher. It is necessary that you learn your lessons fully, by encountering them over and over again, until you can hold onto your clarity of those truths and stay on track with them as your rescuers. Your truths revealed, accepted, and lived are the only means of rescue and of evolving beyond where you are caught.

Your entries into other worlds are simply your tests given to you by your greatest teacher. There are not that many lessons or courses of study. Most of you are on the same path, the same track of learning. Most of you are there to learn awareness of the self as a spirit being. You are there to learn the oneness of energy that is connected to all other energy. You are there to learn how to move on to a new awareness, having learned how to maintain your clarity of truth, and act on it, at all times, no matter what comes your way.

So, in conclusion, I suggest that you investigate your dark places, your veiled rooms, your comfort zones, and your habits that may appear to be quite efficient and functional but are, in fact, just highly controlled activities hiding your truths. Look around at the world you have created for your self and take full responsibility for it. You have gotten your self there. You know how to get your self out; you know that you just have to do your homework as it is presented to you daily. It requires a lot of research, inner research, but also outer awareness in order for you to truly grasp the concepts being presented. But its not all that difficult to grasp this fact: you are an evolving being whose greatest desire is to complete your life this time around in full awareness. Keep that in mind, My Dear Ones, as you meet your next test. You might notice that it is the same test you take every day. Am I right?