#409 Stay Awake!

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I still have some questions about energetic intent and rescuing someone who appears to be caught in another world. I know that Carlos Castaneda, for instance, had an episode of being caught in another world, drawn to rescue a little girl he perceived as needing help. In the process of rescuing her, he got caught. He called this child “The Blue Scout” because her energy was the color blue. He then had to be rescued from remaining attached to this child figure, lost in a world far from the path he was on. He could not leave a child in danger, as his weakness was that he could not let anyone be trapped, and especially a child. Yet, she was not, in actuality, a child, but an entity. This gets complicated, and Chuck is more knowledgeable about it than I am, but I see the scenario as similar to an addiction, or a challenge to be overcome. In his case, he was being drawn to what he perceived was an abandoned child, but in fact he was being caught by an entity who was testing his ability to detach from the illusion of need (addiction), among other things.

Anyway, my question today is, if we perceive that someone is caught, such as Carlos was, is it right to rescue them, provided we maintain our awareness? And provided we are not wrongly perceiving what is presented, and end up like Carlos? Do you understand what I’m asking?

Yes, I do. Although Carlos was caught by this child, so was it necessary for him to encounter her, for she was a projection of his own inner child. Yet was she also an entity who knowingly enticed him to her presence. In actuality, it was necessary for him to experience her world, in order to grow.

Why then did he have to be rescued? Couldn’t he have gotten out of the situation on his own?

The rescue, as you perceive it to be, was not, in fact, a rescue of physical proportions, but a rescue of intent that woke him up, shook him awake, so that his awareness could kick in, back into cognition and alertness, enabling him to see his folly. For it was folly on his part, becoming entrapped by that which was at his own deepest core, yet caught by the outer presentation of it in a crying, moaning child, rather than perceiving what lay underneath. What lay underneath was also necessary for that child to experience. Do you see?

Okay, so both Carlos and the Blue Scout were mutually in a place they needed to be. And the rescue was an awakening so that he could understand his predicament and be energetically capable of removing himself from the situation. Was it not an exhausting episode in his life? (This sounds like my own encounter with crashing into a deer, as mentioned in Message #405.)

Yes, it was, by all standards not only exhausting, but energetically life threatening. This is one of the problems of entering into other worlds; losing or steadily declining awareness, and being energetically drained by what you are attached to, suffering greatly in the long run.

So the point that I continually make, as regards other worlds, is that as you are entrapped, so is your awareness dimmed. Your alertness is dimmed, and your energy is siphoned off by the world around you. In the reality of earth, this is quite noticeable right now, even on a daily basis. You go about your routines, rushing around, needing, consuming, and in most cases losing conscious attachment to your spiritual self. You often remind your self that you are a spiritual being. You yearn, peripherally, to return to your spiritual practices, yet are you unable to get your self to a place of clarity.

Allowing the self to be drawn to the real world, to fully experience it, to be confronted by aspects of the self that must be tried, indulged, and then challenged, are all necessary. If you find your self caught where you do not wish to be, if your awareness kicks in and alerts you to your own folly (and I do not mean folly in a negative way, but as a moniker to describe something that you will not need later in life) so will you eventually find your way out of that world, when the time is right. In the case of Carlos, the time was right, though it took tremendous energetic effort, by himself and others, for his energy was at quite a low point.

So that leads me to the question of using energetic intent to enact a rescue. Can you give examples of how we can do this, if we perceive a need and are willing to risk our own energy?

Yes, this is what transpires, quite often, in prayer, in group meditation, in collective awareness being directed in the aid of another, or many others. In your own country, awareness has increased dramatically to such a state of heightened cognition, noticing that things are in dire straits. The energy of America has long been drained by outside entities feeding off its bounty, invited in by the greed of the capitalistic system. I know I may sound quite radical, but if you put the situation in terms of energy, so has America gotten caught in another world. Vital energy, necessary for growth, has been sidetracked and consumed, as so many have gotten caught in the illusion of riches, material in content, with little spiritual value.

However, at a moment of most dire consequence, an awakening of energetic intent has been perpetrated upon the masses, begun by those whose vision was not clouded or denied them by the forces of greed. Luckily, there remained many eyes and hearts of clarity in order to enact an energetic change. But this change will not simply happen by the intent of the few who began the push. It must be sustained by being taken up by those who have been caught, blind sided, and lied to. Those of you who have awakened must now stay awake. This is your individual challenge and your collective challenge. For now that a great awakening has happened, now that a shift has occurred, so will the dark entities seek reentry and the return of the crown into their possession.

Possession of the crown of greed is not the energetic spiritual revolution that is taking place, but the false war. You have been granted clarity many times in your life. You have had your hands upon the crown of the inner spirit king. But how many times have your hands slipped away, as you have seen something else, or tasted something else that is more enticing? I perceive, Jan, that your question about rescuing people from addiction as running the gamut of the meaning of the word, addiction. From serious drug addictions to addiction to power; to material items; to the big baby; to the bad relationship; to the fears of old; and to doubt, that troublesome partner who is along for the ride on this journey you take; among many other things. Am I right?

Yes, I see addiction as multi-faceted, yet also multi-defined, as you state. When I use the word, addiction, I’m speaking of all types of problems that we encounter as we go through life. When we feel caught, helpless, and unable to get beyond our stuck places (addicted), how can we energetically shift?

Ask for help, My Dear. All of you Readers of my messages, if you are in a place of helplessness, do not refuse your own spirit, speaking words of encouragement, to ask for help outside of your self. Do not refuse your inner knowing that says: Yes, I am in need of help.

Here is An Asking Prayer for you: “Send me energetic accompaniment, so that I can shift. Aid me in my struggles by offering me clarity, so that I may awaken and take back my own energy, pointing it properly upon my own personal path of growth. Release me from attachment to the dark entities that steal my energy, my awareness, and my life. Help me to return my awareness to my inner heart-centered journey, to my place of calm knowing, and my place of inner work. Help me to understand that my challenges are necessary. Help me to accept my deepest inner truths. Help me to have the strength, the energy, and the fearlessness necessary to accept my truths with the strength of a warrior, the awakened energy of a warrior. Thank you for aiding me, for guiding me, for showing me the way to my self.”

You know, My Dears, that is all that life is about. It is showing you the way to your inner destiny, your inner completion, and the doors that lead to your evolution. Remain alert to your challenges. Do not fear your journey or doubt what you receive to lead you on your way. Accept your truths, no matter how dire or frightening they may be to your ego self. Keep your eyes open, focused, and truth seeking. Listen for words of truth outside of you that resonate with the words of truth inside you. Guide your self, even as you request guidance of others. Stay awake!