#411 Turning Point or Turmoil?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Wow, I must say, the energy has been quite erratic, sometimes incredibly intense, then quiet, but still with a noticeable undercurrent. At least, that is what I have been experiencing. Can you offer us some guidance for the coming week?

Do not thwart your progress with attachment to the outside energy. Yes, it will come rattling your doors and windows, seeking entry, knocking, asking for a place to stay, but do not admit it. Allow it to swirl past you, going on its merry way. For in reality, though it may pressure you, so does it not seek you specifically, but any energy that is available will do.

That being said, it is your challenge during such times of turbulence, such times of high and low energy, to remain focused upon your course. This requires awareness of the possibility that energetic confusion may usurp your usual balanced calm. This requires also the ability to detach from the dramas being played out, the circumstances presented by the big babies in your life, and the neediness of those around you. Awareness of these things, and the ability to detach from them, are also meant for the self. For even though you may wish to regard the outer energy, and others around you, as the culprits, so are you always being presented with some aspect of the self that seeks attention.

Perhaps it is merely an opportunity to test your balance and your ability to remain calm, no matter what approaches. Your awareness and ability to understand very clearly what your place is are also perhaps being tested. Perhaps you are being asked to go deeper inside your self, as this outer energy pounds at you, to investigate the inner child self. Or perhaps you are being shown an example of energetic intent and how it does not select you, but you select to attach to it, for it is your choice.

The consequences of electing to attach your energy to an intent then becomes your test and challenge, as you feel how powerful an attachment to energy is and becomes. When I recently spoke about using your intent to advocate or precipitate an event, so did I speak of you being the instigator. But now must you also be aware that intent proposed from outside of you is seeking attachment at all times. Even as your own power of intent has affect, so does that of others have affect on you.

Your choice is whether or not to engage it; whether spending your energy in such areas may be harmful to you, or deeply engaging and meaningful. This is where your awareness of self and how you wish to conduct your energy is most necessary. I suggest that you always weigh the use of your energy. Is this a good place to spend it? Is it right for me to do this? What am I doing by giving energy? Is it positive, helpful, meaningful; or is it unnecessary? Is it better to remain detached, holding it in reserve for a time when I feel is more appropriate?

Many times, energetic intent is for purposes of good and it feels proper and important to respond to requests for energetic involvement. Other times, the request for energetic involvement is going to present you with a huge drain that will not refuel you, or offer you anything in return, including a positive sense that you gave your energy properly or wisely?

Be aware that this time, now, includes a turning point. A tipping point has occurred. Now the energy requires that you notice its availability to aid you as you go in a new direction. But your choice becomes: how will I use the energy that is now presented? It is not necessarily quiet and easily flowing. As you mentioned, it is quite lively. When it is in this state of choppiness, so is it asking for you to remain alert to what it is doing. Is it important for you to engage in some form of energetic intent outside of you now? Or is it more important to go innerly and engage in energetic intent there? Both questions are valid, and both uses are valid, depending on where you are. Your desire to challenge your self may also be a factor. Your awareness, however, is key, as you ask your self questions regarding what the energy is asking of you. Do you see? This is a two-sided process.

Yes, there is plenty of energy to attach to. There are plenty of occasions for you to give of your energy. But whether it is right, or wrong, is up to you. Are you going to go with the turning point energy, or the turmoil energy?

This is a time of great introspection and choice, in spite of the energetic, magnetic pull that you feel. Awareness, balance, inner questioning, and the ability to think quickly and clearly are your best sidekicks now. You will be offered many opportunities to utilize your own energy. But propose to your self that you use it with proper intent, for that which is most meaningful to you. The realization that you are in complete control of how you use this most powerful aspect of self, will help you maintain your balance. You have a most powerful ally in your own energy. As you go into this week of turning but tumbling energy, keep your focus on your own energy and how you will spend it.

Is your energy tank full or depleted? How will you decide to keep it at maximum capacity, if it is full? How will you constantly regenerate it? Or, how will you replenish it, if it has seeped out into the world, been energetically drained? How will you protect it so that you are energetically available for what is right, meaningful, growth-oriented, and resonant with you?