#412 The Chariots of Progress

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today, I would like to ask you to give us some general guidance. I understand that, as you said the other day, a shift has taken place and our challenge is to allow ourselves the opportunity to change and shift as well. Can you expand on your offerings of guidance around this theme of shift?

I am pleased to announce that not only is this a time of shift, but also of great significance. Your decisions and plans made now, during this time of energetic significance, will be with you for a long time to come, carrying with them much good and positive energy that will be available to you in your future, as regards those decisions and plans. Even those of you who do not necessarily have huge moments of significance right now, will find that the experiences of this time will later reveal themselves to be carrying more weight than you can imagine.

By this, I mean that the energy now present upon that earth carries with it major potential, being stored even now for future use, when needed, but also when appropriate. You may not be aware of its full utilization or appearance in your lives, but it will be available to you in the future.

Decisions made now, both personal and communal, and those made by world leaders, new and old, carry you into a new century of change, development, understanding, and significant growth. On a personal level, you can look forward to an easier time as you meet your challenges and confront your issues. Things that have blocked and held you back will now release and flow with greater force and ease. You will notice less resistance.

Your unconscious self remains aware of the shift, though you may lose contact with it as you go about your life. You will see change in the world around you now, in the people around you, and in the general atmosphere of how people act, react, and proceed in their lives. Governments now determine that real change can only happen by the past being severed and new determinants being implemented, altering not only the course of conflicts, but also shifting the future potential of all nations to a more humanitarian, tolerant appreciation and understanding of the world, as a diverse and enthusiastic melting pot where all hold valid ideas. Prospects for change are worldwide, not restricted to an elite few.

The tumbling of the world will continue on many levels, as the old structures will submit to the shake up caused by this time of significant shift. You will begin to see the knocking down of ego driven and greedy leaders, as they no longer find support, nor underlying complacency among their people keeping them in power. The truth seekers will now begin to speak up, unafraid, for they are carried forth by this outer powerful energy that will not sit quietly upon their hearts or tongues, but urges the good ones to come forth now, more forcefully, with spirit and truth guiding them. Honesty and forthright truthfulness now pull ahead to lead the chariots of progress upon the surface of that world stage.

Your drivers are spirit driven, but that does not mean everything will be taken care of for you. You are all responsible. This time of significance will only truly blossom if all of you upon that earth wake up to the underlying truth that you are all evolving beings, comprised of energy, without differences, without confusing agendas. Simply put: you are all the same. This truth you must activate within the self, allowing it to flow out of you too. Many upon that earth have already reached such a conclusion. Many are fully aware that significant change can only happen with this awareness first and foremost, the prime picture placed before the world’s eyes. A new vision of sharing, of energetic giving, of spiritual exchange must now be enacted in order for the new world to emerge from the remains of the tumbled structures of old.

Your own awareness must remain alert to the changes in the outer world. Your reactions to these changes must remain focused on returning dignity, with the ability to live truthful lives, free of oppression and depression, and encouraging hope-filled lives of spiritual significance now in all who reside upon that earth.

I do not speak of formal religious instruction or domination. I do not speak of any domination, or take over, or oppression of one over another. I speak of wide open acceptance of all differences, as totally revealing as no differences whatsoever. I speak of the veils lifting and each of you seeing that you have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to run from, for all of you are being exposed for what you truly are: the same. You are all energy; energetic beings comprised of complicated lives, with the same goals and the same evolutionary potential for caring compassionate universal love, trust, and the desire to evolve.

I conclude with offering you this as well: your time upon that earth is significant. Do not doubt that you are alive now for a reason that has to do with universal principles of change. Your world is personal, and your personal inner work, your introspective discovering of who you are, is totally necessary. Yet are you also attuned to the fact that all of you upon that earth are interconnected. This is an awareness that has not previously been fully acknowledged or allowed to be acceptable. This is your first challenge beyond your own inner work, to utilize this awareness of interconnectedness in your daily lives, expanding awareness of it. You are all responsible for this. This can be done by using your intent, as we have spoken of before, to enact positive universal change for truth and good to now take over and lead the chariots of justice and humane caring, connecting all of you upon that earth with a world wide web of a different fiber, the invisible fiber of energy.

Accept your place in that world, My Dears. Get out of your musty beds of despair and complacency and use your energy to excavate the truth of your own energy. It is powerful and significant. Allow it to be revealed to you in its fullness, but also in its interconnectedness. Use it for good, for your self and others.

Intend change. This is the time for it. Your are there during this time because your contributions are desired, necessary, and powerful. Contribute to the world. Use your energy to dismantle the old and build a new world, with energetic intent, acceptance, and truthfulness as the base.