#413 Can You Accept Your Self as Pure Energy?

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Today, a reader asks a question as a follow up to the previous message.

Dear Jeanne,
Your last message really resonated with me as I have experienced some great shifts in my personal life over the past couple of months. As a result, I have made some pretty big, life changing, decisions. As I have been making changes, I have been acutely aware that these are all but small steps, leading me towards something else, and although I do not yet know what that is, I have a sense that this has been in preparation for something so much greater. So, I’d like to ask if you could expand upon this further, especially in reference to the phrase, “… this is your first challenge beyond your own inner work, to utilize this awareness of interconnectedness in your daily lives…” Could you give some examples as to how we can use this in our daily lives and more specifically, how can I better utilize this awareness?

Thank you for your guidance and love.

My Dearest Reader, when I suggest that you use your awareness, so do I mean that you train it in all aspects of life, while doing your inner work, but also while navigating your life in the world. Furthermore, I request that you go beyond your self, that you go beyond your intense scrutiny of self, to become a part of the greater universe. Your ability to use awareness and intent should not be in question. For as I have stated, you are energy. If you can accept that hypothesis as fact, then you can do anything you intend. You see?

Intent is your fuel, but energy is your means of achieving your goal. Your inner work must be fueled by intent or you would not move beyond your comfort zone. As you state, you have been taking many steps toward change, but you have also dared your self to discover your own energy potential too. Your work on the self, though at times stubbornly confrontational, has also been your catalyst to discovering your energy potential. Have you not been discovering that your journey has been fueled by your intent to grow and evolve? Have you not gotten to where you are now by energetic means? Have you not been taking steps, your entire life, that have been of energetic proportions and energetic incredulity?

I do always request that you use your intent as you do your inner work, but I also request that you transcribe your inner process and apply it also to your outer life. The lessons learned in the inner process must be applied outside of you in order for completion of that life to take place. Your inner work must translate into an aware being who is not afraid to reveal this aspect of self. Your inner self has had so many experiences of awareness and intent to grow, but you will not notice them unless you begin to see them as such.

Your abilities to use your awareness are directly linked to your inner work, for without your inner work would you not be gaining in awareness. You would simply be stuck in your old patterns. So as I did mention, your first challenge is to use the awareness you are gaining about your own world, your inner world, and begin to apply it to your outer world. How do you do that? Well first of all, remain aware of the fact that you are an energetic being. This is at the core of who you are in that world and for all eternity. You are energy, whether you inhabit a body or not. As a body, in human form, your first challenge is to hold onto this fact, for it is a fact, though you may find this hard to fathom at first. But your potential lies in this fact, so begin to get used to it. In order to highly attune your awareness must you connect it to your energy self, your energy body.

Imagine being in an out of body state, perhaps in a flying dream. I’m sure you can recall such a dream experience. Now allow your self to accept that such energetic possibility exists at all times, not just in dreams. This is your first awareness of your energetic composition and potential. Is it not thrilling? If you can fly around in dreams, while your body lies sleeping upon your bed, do you not grasp the further possibilities that this energetic self is showing you? In dreaming, are you in fact being offered a glimpse, an awareness, of your energy body. With this acceptance of energy self, your awareness and your intent can be allowed to grow within a focused format, something that you have in fact experienced. Whether you can recall a dream or not, all of you have had out of body experiences in some format. Trust me on this.

If you can accept your energy self while doing your inner work, and in your dreaming, can you not extend that awareness to your physical self as well, in the “real” world you inhabit? Can you allow your awareness to have this potential granted to it? Now your next training comes in intending, but also in noticing your awareness abilities, or your psychic abilities as they are more commonly called.

You mentioned taking small steps leading you somewhere unknown, and that is a perfect example of what I am attempting to describe to you. For as you have been doing much work on the self, trusting your process, so have you allowed your self to take baby steps, even though you do not know, as a baby does not know, what comes next. You are beginning to allow your life to unfold, as it desires, without your resistance and control.

I suggest that you continue to remain open to what life offers. That you do not think so much about how to do anything, but that you allow your energetic self to lead you to understanding just what it means to be aware of the interconnectedness in your daily life. You are being offered examples of it all the time. Are you not? As you grow, and when you are ready, so will your energetic self show you the way to using your intent for more expansive purposes. You may find that your process leads you in a direction that I could not possibly propose to you at this point, for you may not be prepared at this time for what lies before you, but you may not also be accepting of it, until you have fully accepted your own energy self.

Awareness of your self as pure energy, as you do your recapitulation, will grow. As you work through your shadows, as you swipe aside the veils that hide your truths, so will you begin to have further experiences of your self as not only energy of good, but you will find that your intent to utilize your newfound energy self will activate, and your participation in the universal principles of interconnectedness will expand, because you will be ready for such participation.

So, I answer your question by offering you this question: Can you accept your self as pure energy? That is all you need to be aware of. Cultivate that potential in your daily life. Acceptance of this fact of self will solve many problems, issues, and dilemmas; mental, physical, and spiritual; allowing you access to your psychic self, your fully aware self.

Keep taking your baby steps, but allow awareness of the energy self to be present each step of the way. As you allow this energy self to be present, so will you discover that you do in fact know where it is all leading you. You will be fully able to accept the journey before you because you will recognize it as the right one, finally.

Trust your journey. It is meant for you. Can you accept that? Every step of it? That will be your next awareness!