#414 Chuck’s Place: The Awareness Log

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No songs today. Last night, in a dream, someone I respect very much was ardently flipping through the pages of my personal journal, to my extreme discomfort. What might he discover? The dream, on one level, points to the topic that has been churning in me all week, sharing the awareness log, which I now use as the format for my own journaling. For years, I have kept journals as a reflective tool, focused on events which have already happened and my activity in them. My current focus is greeting the meaning of events in real time. And so, today’s message is guided by such a greeting in a dream.

Jeanne has proposed that everything is meaningful. This proposition takes synchronicity to the ultimate extreme, essentially viewing all the unfolding events of oncoming time as meaningfully related to the soul’s journey. The soul’s decision to incarnate in this world presupposes its intent to enter the dense energy region of earth school to participate in a needed challenge for its evolution. Based on our soul’s original intent, we can understand the families we are born into and the specific circumstances of our lives, as the manifestation of a necessary context within which to encounter the required challenge. Understanding our life from this perspective frees us from victimhood, alternatively viewing our challenges as necessary, personally tailored stepping stones to our evolution. Furthermore, we are then able to align our conscious intent to evolve with our soul’s original intent, which allows us to more clearly view the synchronicities of oncoming time as signs, clues, and guideposts to our evolution.

I offer the following practice to support this approach. Begin an awareness log. Divide the pages of your journal into three columns. In the first column, note the events of oncoming time that catch your attention in any form, as they are encountered. An odd meeting, encounter, phone call, sighting, etc.; the possibilities are endless. Don’t get obsessive or overwhelmed. Just note a few. Use the criteria or reaction, “Wow, that was weird!” as your guide.

In the second column, freely associate to the event as you would to an object or event in a dream. Note what spontaneously emerges in your conscious mind as you focus your awareness upon it. Do not over think; allow for spontaneous, unthought associations. To think is to engage the ego, which will lead you down ego paths and to ego conclusions, which will choke out the language of synchronicity. If nothing comes, set it aside, offering it to your unconscious, asking it to lead you to meaning through its own processes, such as, a fixation on a word, or a song, or a person, which exposes the missing association. This process might actually coincide with the illumination of the meaning of the synchronistic event.

The final column is reserved for the illumination, that AHA! moment, which may come long after the synchronistic event. However, it may shed significant light on the decisions and actions of the current moment. With practice, our ability to decode the synchronistic guidance can occur instantly, becoming the true guide in our lives. This will come as the ego acquiesces, impeccably, to its true purpose, which is to ascertain and take action in accordance with the soul’s intent to evolve. Once the ego adopts this stance of being in alignment with the soul’s intent, the full scope of guidance being presented synchronistically can be appreciated. We are treated to a powerful connection with this constant companion, our soul.

My message today is my gesture of acquiescence to my own soul’s urging. My intent is to offer a tool to appreciate life as a waking dream, filled with golden messages, awaiting our awareness.