#415 The Great Unfolding is Taking Place

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I would like to ask you to offer us guidance for this week. What can we expect energy-wise for the week ahead?

Continue to focus your attention on maintaining balance in both your inner world and your outer world. This balance will become more important as the week goes on. There is energy now that wishes to stir, and to stir deeply, the insecurities of you as individuals and as a nation. In order to maintain sanity of mind during such times, it is wise to remind your self often that every step of your journey is necessary, whether it be your individual journey or your collective journey.

I do not like to predict. I wish instead to simply offer this reminder of keeping balance at all times, for it is the best training you can practice. It will aid you, no matter what comes to greet you. Practice inner calm and inner balance at all times, so that as life unfolds you will be well-versed in how to achieve a state of calm pragmatism, for that is what life calls for now, during this time on earth.

Await not disaster, but do await change. Go into your week fully expecting that some changes will take place; that situations will arise that need tending to; that your concepts of life may be shattered, broken, or forced into new perspectives. But keep always in mind that these shifts are necessary maneuvers on the part of universal desire for growth and change.

You are living in times of unusual proportions and circumstances. Nothing can compare to the amount of support being offered either, and this is greatly due to the fact that more and more of you are receptive to the ideas of collective and universal, support, guidance, and cooperation. These principles, though widely disputed, are known to those of you who have had experiences of such phenomena. I ask that you continue to trust your experiences and that you look forward to more of them, with an openness that defies reason, for that is the best method of connection. Use your heart rather than your head now. Use your inner knowing, your uncovering inner self, to lead you and guide you to this openness that is having effect all over the world you live in, and in other worlds as well.

Your time upon that earth holds so much potential. You are beginning to understand this and accept that you are there for many reasons. But the greatest reason for being there is to release your self from the bindings that have held you fast there in reincarnation after reincarnation.

Allow your knowing inner self to be freer now to accept your life as it has been unfolding. Be gentle and kind to your self as this opening and accepting process is unfolding too. As your life unfolds, as you allow your trust in your life to unfold, so do you allow your trust in that which is outside of you to unfold, as it will, too. Do you see that all you really need to do during such times is to trust what presents itself, what occurs, and what is shown inside and outside of you as all being part of the great unfolding, taking place all around you?

Solidify your place upon that earth today. Firmly plant your self in that life for reasons of evolutionary growth. Whether or not you grasp the full meaning of your existence, at this moment, is not important. But your continual openness, trust, and availability to the experiences of life are important. Accept your appointment with life as it continues to unfold. Trust your journey and the journeys being taken all around you. Use your new knowledge to guide those in your care, and in your nearness, with compassion and love. Allow your opening process to also be used outside of you, for greater good, for purposes of compassionate intent that all may resolve their issues, accepting their journeys without judgment, but with mature, balanced ownership of what life offers them. Be responsible citizens of your own lives, but also responsible citizens of the world you live in.

Your energy is given to you to advance from that world. But do not leave that world without leaving your mark. Make it a mark of meaning; a mark of truth; a mark of new openness, new perspective, and great change, so that others may learn from you.

Teach what you know. Follow the signs in your life as they come to show you what it means to live a life of fulfillment and significance. You are guided, but so must you also learn to guide others, with compassionate non-judgment. This is your challenge during the times you live in, for these are the things that will be tested. Your ability to pass beyond holding onto your judgments of life, and others, is being tested, as you learn what it means to develop a new perspective on life as it unfolds in unique and stirring ways.

Be prepared to be challenged. Be prepared to be tested. Be prepared to have your socks knocked off, in one way or another, as this time of unfolding continues to ask you to change your thoughts about every aspect of life as you have thus far lived it.

Look ahead now to universal change. Look ahead now to opening your hearts. Look ahead now to being asked to trust the journey you are on more deeply than ever before. And remember always, the original proposal I made, to stay in balance, but a balance of openness to all things, to all events, people, and ideas, for all are valid. All things will shift now, as change continues to open doors and ask you to participate in life upon that earth differently now.

As doors open before you, open your selves too. That is how you will flow with this new life that is already upon you in great force. And keep in mind that you are energy, first and foremost, and everything else is too.