Australia; The Movie

If you haven’t seen the movie, Australia, yet, we would like to recommend it for many reasons. Many of the concepts that Jeanne talks about in her messages and that Chuck has discussed in Chuck’s Place are presented in this thrilling epic. Synchronicity, shamanism, intent, intuition, the shadow, good vs. evil, initiation, the unfolding journey, the parallel with our own time, and more, are all covered. The idea of needing a story to define your life, as Carl Jung said and which Jeanne presented to Jan in her message regarding entering other worlds, is stressed in a very compelling manner. If you haven’t quite figured out what your own story, myth, or archetype is, perhaps this movie will give you some insights into how to define a life story. Bring the kids too. It’s a little complex in the beginning, trying to figure out who is who and while the premise is being set, but once into it you don’t even notice the 2 hour and 45 minute length. The vastness of the Australian continent, the intricate weaving of events, the people, and the love story are all very entertaining.

We also watched one of our favorites again this weekend, The Celestine Prophecy. If you haven’t seen it in a while, you might find, as we always do, that no matter how many times we watch it, it always offers something new, especially now during this time of transition and as regards the recent messages about being energy.

Thanks for all your recent messages. Keep going! And keep saying yes to your own thrilling journey.
Jan and Chuck