#416 The Times Call for Getting into Shape

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What can you tell us about the energy today, and what can we expect from it?

My Dear Ones, your progress is rooted in your awareness. The process of opening the channel to your awareness is continual. Your keenness is growing each day as you pay attention to what is happening all around you. But do you get it? Do you get the bigger picture? Are you aware that you are significant? Are you aware that everything you do, think, and act upon is significant and as meaningful as what you expect in return? Are you aware that not only are you a player of importance in that great picture, that playing field of life, but every move you make affects the entire game of life?

Live your lives not only with awareness, but live your lives with knowledge that you do make an impact. Your presence upon that earth makes a difference and you are of significance. This greater awareness may appeal to you, as you go about your busy lives, for you sometimes forget that you are playing an important role. I know that it is so easy to fall into complacency and forgetfulness of the bigger picture, but I warn you, today, that there is no time to forget this. During this time upon that earth, there is a great need to be aware of your significance, and the need to take action, to remain an active participant in life upon that earth. As I have said, you are living in a time of great significance and of great proportions, when everything, even the tiniest, most insignificant aspect of life, has great meaning and potential. Do not dismiss your self so easily from the equation, as you may have done in the past, even for a second.

Look upon your selves, My Dear Ones, as most important for the future. For progress to continue on a positive, spirit driven level, must all of you wake up to the fact that you all play a role, now more than ever. The times call for polishing your uniforms, getting out onto the playing fields, and getting into shape to live life differently now.

Taking on the challenge of approaching life with new tactics is not a burden, but a gift. Do you see? It offers you the opportunity to shift, a reason to become who you truly are, for the times call for truth of spirit self to reign over the old means of expression and ego driven self. In the old ways, your spirit driven self was kept hidden, present, but left quietly sitting in the shadows, in the background. You went about your lives doing what was expected of you, fulfilling prophecies that had little to do with your truths, except that every move you made gave you the opportunity to discover those truths.

Now do I offer you these new means of living your lives with a new perspective. The times call for change and this is how to change your self-perspective, so that you may be an active player on the field of a changing world:

1. You are a being comprised of energy, an energy being.
2. You have an important role to play in life.
3. Your every move impacts the world.
4. You are truth driven, a seeker of truth, and
5. You are unafraid now, for there is no time for fear.

Give your self the permission you need to fulfill a new prophecy that is based on your spirit driven, truth seeking, and truth expressing self. Allow your self to accept the fact that the world expects and needs your participation. It needs your spirit driven energy in order for the energy of good to take over and sweep across the playing field of life, with everyone using their energy for purposes of spirit, truth, and positive impact.

The world will stay the same if you do not participate in changing it. The energy of change is being offered, but it requires participation for it to truly happen. Can you accept your own significant role in the game of changing the world? That is your challenge, but also your awakening duty, you know. You are beings of energy, placed upon that earth to evolve, but to evolve with meaning, with significance, and with impact. Every step of your journey has meaning, significance, and impact. Get it?

Your challenge is to truly accept what this means. Keep doing your inner work, for that is the self who knows what I am talking about, the one doing the evolutionary journey of significance and meaning, impacting the world, every step of the way.