Time For a Few Changes

Dear Readers and Fellow Journeyers,

Once again we are making some changes to the website, adding Chuck’s Place as a forum for other thoughts, synchronicities, and views to be expressed. The first posting was on Saturday, November 8, 2008, Message #400. We will also be posting interesting tidbits, such as notes about books, films, videos, other websites, etc. when it feels right. It was never intended that Riverwalker be devoted only to the Messages from Jeanne, but that it evolve over time.

Jeanne’s messages will continue to appear three times a week, but they will now be accompanied and interspersed by editorials, comments, and insights from Chuck in his new “Club.” This feels so right, for Chuck and Jeanne to share a platform, and for the processes that are so often expressed in Jeanne’s messages to be lovingly sculpted, tweaked, enhanced, and brought into this world by Chuck’s unique perspective.

The information that normally appeared above the messages now appears in a sidebar titled: Channeling Info. Although we have considered opening up our website to commentary from you, Our Readers, we just don’t have the time to undertake such a task, so we continue to encourage you to use the discussion option on our page at Amazon. It is free, open to you without our oversight, and who knows what kind of dialogues might evolve.

So look for a bit more daily activity on the website, the new blog, Chuck’s Place, and additional news and notes, as we continue this amazing process with Jeanne and with all of you.

We all three thank you so much for your participation, your lovely messages to us, and your dedicated readership. Thank you also for passing on your knowledge of what we are doing. Our website is visited by thousands of seekers from around the world who have found us through energetic means, without advertising, commercialism, or us asking for or making a penny of profit. This is our energetic giving, but it is greatly aided by your participation in energetically spreading the news about our website. So thank you, for energetically sharing in this intent.

With love and appreciation,
Jan, Chuck, and Jeanne