#401 Something is Being Pointed Out to You That Will Shift You

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message to guide us today, as we begin a new work week?

My Dearest Ones, this time now is one of continuing conflict of opposites, of pulling apart, but also of counteraction, required to bring together the disparate parts of the self, the society, and the world. Why is there so much conflict? Why is there so much still unresolved inside of you and outside of you? Why is there so much fighting? Why go to war against the self and others when it is far more acceptable to meet on common ground? For all are reflections of the self. All conflicting views, all uncomfortable suggestions and encounters, all differing thoughts, are but the grit that must be sorted through inside the self for true and lasting resolution to occur.

This is a time when each of you must remain focused on your own inner process, but do not dismiss or disregard what is happening outside of you. Continue to use your world to aid you as it points out to you your own difficulties and issues that need attention. If you tend to judge the decisions of others, the thoughts, the actions, the spoken words of others, so turn to your self and ask: Do I speak, think, act, and decide in much the same manner? Am I truly learning to forgive, to flow, to depart from the old rhetoric? Am I evolving?

These questions are the present questions for Now, for this time upon that earth, for this time of change to do more than simply blow over your heads and stir you with its sweet scent of things to come. You must take in that breath of fresh air, deeply into your gut, and allow it to shake you out of your slumber and your stagnancy. Your progress must now be granted the truth of the insights being shown, and they must be processed and accepted. Now must you ascertain that you will make the leap, taking in a full breath of fresh and invigorating change, allowing your self to make the leap forward now.

No matter where you are in life now, no matter who you are, no matter what place you find your self stuck in, so are you being shown the way out of your dilemma now. Look around you and you will see the signs. You will see the possibilities being offered. You will notice something is being pointed out to you that will shift you.

But you must make the move, the decision, the choice. You must dare your self; fully knowing that times will be hard; that yes, it is the way to go because otherwise I will remain unfulfilled. In this lifetime, are you all being offered a grand opportunity to change. This is not only so for your country, or your brother, or your children. This is also true for you.

So I leave you with the possibilities all around you. Today, turn your awareness to what is being offered to you. Look outside of you and reflect on the direction of growth being offered. Ask your self: Will this opportunity lead to change? Will this step show me a truth? Will this daring move get me beyond this place I have been stuck in? Question your existence, My Dears. But do so in the context of all the gifts being offered, the signs showing you the way, and the possibilities being presented to you. Then it’s up to you to choose what you will do next.

May you trust your journey. May you feel centered and aware of your inner calm self, even as you fear the daring self who pushes you forward, even as you know you must confront other fears before you will be free. But that is what life is about, you know. It is a long process of confronting your fears. No matter what shape they take, so must they be met, face to face, then investigated, dismantled, and accepted, before being crumbled to a fine powder and swept from you, shaken off, so that you may be free to walk on lightly, trusting your journey and your prowess, with humility, gaining awareness, and learning always what it means to truly love, and to truly give love, to self and others.