A Few Good Movies

The other day we had mentioned the movie, Ripple Effect, for its views on the interconnectedness of all things, of what it means to call your future to you, recapitulate, and acquiesce to the journey, allowing the process to unfold, as the signs, synchronicities, and challenges are paid attention to, worked through, and resolved. It is available on DVD.

This past weekend we saw, The Secret Life of Bees, another powerful example of daring to take the inner journey, following the signs, seeking and daring to face the truths, no matter how painful. It also deals with the mother figure, the resolution of the lost mother, the lost child, and basically a lot of lost souls struggling during another time of great change in America, the writing into law of the Civil Rights Act by President Johnson. A very good movie not only for our times, but also for those of us who are doing the inner work. The bee metaphors are also wonderful. We highly recommend it. This one is in the theatres.

A third movie we recently enjoyed is, The Art of Travel, another fine example of daring to follow the signs, and having some pretty amazing adventures as one things leads to another. This one is also on DVD.

Jan and Chuck