#402 Alignment with Right Knowing

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Watch for signs of alignment. Be observant of how the signs in your own life correspond to what is happening outside of you, as progress continues to be made. Universally, is this a time of energetic convergence. The potential for continued strides to be made on many levels exists, is available, but awareness of this aspect is very important to maintain. In your daily lives now, My Dear Ones, notice and utilize what is being offered. Study your place now with an eye toward swift change, but make your moves in alignment with your inner knowing and your heart-centered place of calm.

In accordance with the wheels of progress, is it time for not only significant change, but truly meaningful change as well. This is what you must focus on in your own lives. Yes, it is universally a time of change, but in order for it to be lasting, and for it to aid you in your own evolutionary progress, do I suggest that your steps of daring be deeply significant and meaningful for you.

Just because this is a time of shift does not mean that every opportunity is the right opportunity. It does not mean that you should dare your self simply because daring is asked for. You must place your self in alignment, not only with the energy around you, but also in alignment with where you are in your life, with what is being offered and shown to you, and with what your heart knows is right. Do not leap simply because this is a time of leaping. Leap with daring awareness, not with abandonment. This is the sobering counterbalance to this energy that now pushes so forcefully for you to shift. In many aspects of life upon that earth is it so necessary for change to happen, but in order for it to be of lasting significance, so must you calm your self to a state of right knowing before you act.

So, take all of my messages of daring, place them around you, and sit in centered calmness around them, then find your inner direction and begin there. Often is such energy best utilized first innerly, rather than in some grand outer scheme that may change your life drastically, but perhaps not correctly for long term growth and gain. Where are you in your life at this very moment? On a roller coaster? On a precipice? On the brink of disaster, or the train of unending thoughts that do not subside? Are you in a whirlwind? Are you caught in a dark place, a hidden place, an exposed place?

None of that really matters, you know. The only thing that matters is that you remain connected to you, to your inner you, in alignment with your evolutionary goals. Keep in mind that you are seeking the truths of the self, that you are searching for answers, and for direction for your existence upon that earth in this lifetime. You are seeking a deeper spiritual connection, but this must first be a deeper connection to your own spirit before any other.

So although you may feel pressure, even from me, to leap about at one opportunity or another, so do I prefer that your leap be innerly, rather than outerly, if nothing outside of you truly resonates. That being said, if you are in just alignment with some outer aspect that is timely and right, so do I suggest that now is the time for such a leap if you have so determined that it is so.

You are in control. Keep that in mind. But your control must now be aligned with your spirit self, and not your mental self who simply repeats the rhetoric of old. Your control must be placed in the hands of your willing spirit self now. Ask that inner aspect of self to lead you to your proper place of daring. Push aside your old determinants and your old arguments now, creaky and dusty with usage and age, no longer appealing, but still powerfully present. It is time to hand over power to your knowing spirit, so eager for the opportunity to guide you. If you align your self with this aspect of self, trusting its decisions made in calm awareness, so will your leaps into change be leaps of daring coated with right knowing. That is what is most important now as you continue your journey.

Good Luck. Please retain your awareness of guidance, your openness to viewing your life as a journey unfolding and necessary, but also as meaningful, leading you to fulfillment. Your inner spirit self asks now for the opportunity to show you its purity and innocence, but it also asks you to totally trust it as well.