#388 So How Do You Become More Aware?

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Struggles in life are necessary, as signposts and guideposts along your path, offering you opportunities to change your route. Are you upon a path of growth? Do you wish for change? Do you wish for progress, and for enlightenment about how things work, what life is about, and what comes next? If so, then your struggles, confrontations, and challenges are all asking you to proceed with a certain amount of awareness, coupled with alertness to the fact that you are on a journey of purpose and meaning. Can you accept the fact that your life is full of purpose and meaning? Yet must you discover what it is, by continuing to shift and flow with what life offers you.

If you remain stuck, or with little growth, even though you may desire it, so are you not properly reading the signs in your life, or taking them seriously. The process of growth must begin with desire, but without action on your part will there be no fulfillment of desire. And how do you take action if you cannot properly see or read the signs in your life? Well, I can tell you this, life is offering you signs leading to growth all the time.

So how do you become more aware? I ask you, today, to dare your self to notice some thing about your self that has kept you complacent and resting upon your backside for far too long. All of you have some challenge that is overdone, overused, overcompensated for, and overly boring in your life. Look first at some habit, behavior, activity, relationship, agreement, contract, or even your own internal chatter that has been keeping you from changing. You may be stuck, really stuck, or so you think, without possibility to change or remove your self from your stagnancy. So I offer this to you:

You can change, if you want to. You can offer your self the challenge to do something differently, no matter how small. But in order to do so, you must be willing to take on the challenge, to follow where it takes you, keeping always in mind that whatever comes your way is actually leading you to fulfillment of your purpose for living, and offering you meaningful progress as a result.

Now is a time of great confrontation. Energy is present that is proposing change. Yet is there also other energy that is pulling you back to your place of stagnancy. To be between these two types of energies is to be in a place of confusion. But do not allow that confusion to turn to disillusion with life, with your situation, or with your spiritual self. Distance must not be created between your inner spirit self and your outer worldly self, but union must be maintained.

Now is a good time to go innerly, to enjoy your inner work, detaching from the outer turmoil, with compassionate understanding for the journeys that all must take upon that earth. Now, in turning inward, will you be rewarded with many signs, as you become attuned to your own resonance and heightened awareness by your connection to self, to your dreamworld, and to your spirit’s desire for meaningful and positive progress upon that earth.

Find your place of inner/outer balance, your true place of spirit. This is very different from your usual place of stagnancy and complacency. Do not confuse the two. Remove your inner chatter that seeks to confuse you. Then look inside and outside your self, comparing your two worlds, of spirit and of human being. What are they asking for in life, as a unit? What are your two selves truly desiring of that life you live?

By remaining connected to these two aspects of self through this time of magnetic pulling apart, so will you be better able to maintain your awareness through the coming days and weeks. As the world around you continues to appear chaotic, as it continues to create veils of illusion to trick you, and as it proceeds on a well-worn path, so will your awareness speak your own truths, more clearly, if you remain turned toward the truths of the self.

I know I repeatedly ask that you turn toward and accept your own truths. That is the most important aspect of evolution. You will not grow any further if you do not read the signs that your inner self presents to you, and understand them fully as true signs of self and of your life past, present, and future. Accepting them and changing, by what they reveal to you, are your next steps to growth. Where else will your signs of truth come from, except from inside, from your true self? How can you expect to change if you do not accept what you know is true about your self, and actively do things quite differently.

Of course, all of this is very challenging, but do you not realize that once you take on your first challenge, so will your following challenges become easier to accept and easier to flow with? Dig your selves out of your ruts, My Dears. Challenge your selves to get balanced and to practice detachment from the energy that seeks to confuse you. This is truly a time when you can make tremendous progress, if you are willing to give up your old comforts.

That is all I have to say today. Question your self, regarding what that means to you. What are your old comforts that are simply keeping you from growing, from changing, from living a life of true spirit? You have the opportunity to experience new life, based on truth now. How can you deny your self that? It’s waiting for you. Go find it. You won’t have to look very far because you are already in it, living it. Read the signs differently now. Read them truthfully.