#389 Barack Obama: A Grand Example of the Potential for all to Reconcile the Differences Within

Dear Jeanne,
Chuck and I have been discussing the overall pattern of the content of your messages. You make a statement or point at the beginning, then basically give examples and explanations of those points before wrapping up at the end with a repetition of your original statements. (Good writing techniques, I admit.) Chuck mentioned that this is very similar to the way you operated in your sessions as a psychotherapist, making the same points over and over again from many different angles. I find the similarity between you then and now very striking. I also find your insights very unusual and I like the different perspectives that you offer. I guess my question to you today is twofold. First, why do you find it necessary to be so repetitive when perhaps just a concise statement might suffice? And secondly, are you continuing to work in this manner because you are Jeanne Ketchel still and that is your personal style? Actually, I have a third question. Do we retain our personality after we die; does it transform with us, as we become pure energy?

I will answer your last question first, for in so doing will the answers to your two other questions become more apparent. Personal style does remain intact after death. It has been intact through many lives; that I can attest to. Your personality, although quite plainly focused in this life as Jan Ketchel, for instance, has been present and nurtured through your many lives too. As you have progressed, these and other traits of sameness of character followed with you. By sameness, I mean they remain present. Key aspects of your soul-centered self are with you always, defining who you are now, who you have been, and who you will be.

You carry your personal traits from one life to the next. Gradually, over time, they are more fully developed and utilized in the growing process. In my earlier lives, though I had certain traits, I did not use them all; they remained dormant until necessary; and others that I utilized early on, did not need to be so apparent later, in other lives. You see?

Now, as far as my messages go, I perceive that you are getting bored again? Do I bore you with my long dialogues on one thing and another? Are you wondering how many times I will say the same things over and over again? I perceive this is true. Is it not?

Yes, I tend to get bored if things stay the same for too long. I like change. I am wondering if your repetition may not begin to sound like the same old thing to many people. I wonder if they will miss the finer points of your insights, because I do know that each message is different.

Well, the process of repetition is so necessary, My Dear, because there are far too many people who are not quite getting the true messages, which is that now is a time of transformation and direct growth, if you are ready, aware, and daring enough to take the steps to evolve. But in order to be daring, must one completely trust the guidance being offered. And that is what I am attempting to present to our readers, and to you and Chuck as well.

I offer a process of learning to trust the guidance by repeating my mantras to you so that you may find, over time, that they are indeed not only helpful, but truthful as well. You may not see results for a long time, but if you look back over the guidance that has been offered, and your process of learning to trust by following it, so will you see that it has been quite beneficial, as well as truthful. So you see, it is quite necessary to repeat my messages of guidance, not only often, but in many different ways, in order for you to understand my meanings in your own lives. As you progress, learn, and grow, so will the messages prove true and your trust may grow as well.

I do not anticipate that everyone has read the same thing so many times, as you may think. There are many of you who will read and comprehend ideas only when they are necessary for you to read and comprehend them, only when you are at a point in your life when they are meaningful, appropriate, and timely. You see?

So, although I say things quite often, and I even refer to the fact that I do, I do so in order for all of you to discover something you have perhaps not noticed before because it was not time for you to learn from it yet.

So you see, my method is practical and it is also awareness, on my part, of how evolution works. It is a fact that everyone is evolving, all the time, at different rates. Messages of guidance are always necessary. Many times are they necessary to repeat over and over again and, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, that is my style. I hope you will not be bored by my means of projecting these messages upon you, for they are meant to aid you as you grow.

Do you have any other guidance for us today?

Do I dare state, again, that the following is so necessary now? I do! Find your calm and your balance, your steady place upon that earth, as you move forward now, trusting your own journey.

I can’t help but see this steadiness and calm balance in Barack Obama, as he moves forward in his presidential bid against John McCain. It is striking how calm and detached he appears. Can you comment, briefly, on this political process now going on in the United States?

If I might be so bold, I say that yes, this man, Barack Obama, does exhibit balance and steadiness. His place upon that earth now is not only in striking contrast to his opponent, but is filtered through many opposing sides. He is a man in solution, a fluid mix of black and white, a resolution of many years of struggle; a chemical balance representative of the inner and outer choices all must confront within themselves. He is not just a man who walks the earth, but a man who represents the future, the evolutionary potential of all beings, a marker of truth to come, a beacon of light, evolutionary light.

Can you not project into the future, a process upon that earth where inner and outer beings, spirit and human, interact and resolve to grow together. This man, this Future Man, represents this process and this ideal of balance. You see it most dramatically in his demeanor, his process of remaining steady upon his path; focused, yet constantly challenged and confronted on all sides by the old ways of doing business. I do not offer political information here, but I do offer this insight: that all of you must look upon this man, who walks now among you, as a man who is truly embodying the evolutionary potential of all mankind. His mix of races, his mix of spiritual self with outer physical ego self, his struggles and challenges in life are grand examples of the potential for all human beings to reconcile the differences within themselves, the two selves who must work together in order to grow. He is a good example, no matter what his politics, of the merging of the two aspects of self in balance.

Continue now your own growth and your own attempts to remain in balance, My Dears. Do not push aside my messages as the same ol’-same ol’. You may have already learned some of the lessons, but I guarantee you have not leaned them all. I’m sorry if I may, at times, bore you, but even that is necessary. Why are you bored, if that is indeed true? There must be something that you are not quite getting, for how could any aspect of that life be boring? Keep going. Keep searching. Keep growing. I love you all! Keep trusting that you are on the journey you should be on, looking always for where to turn next.