#387 The Black Crow of Recapitulation is Sitting Nearby

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for all of us today? In the Northeast, we’ve been having beautiful fall weather and that is energizing and calming at the same time, but it also feels so precarious, with an underlying feeling that caution is needed in order to stay aware.

Your assessment is not too far off the mark, though I caution you in your use of the word caution! It is not quite caution that is called for now, but alignment with the truth that is being revealed and an awareness that truth is the necessary means of remaining steady and trusting as you take your journey. Yes, the energy presents the dual aspects of intense energetic charge and the need to balance; of negative and positive, of alignment and pull off alignment, of magnetic pulls in one direction or another completely separate from your own intent, and this is what you must now be aware of.

There is now present upon that earth a very powerful energy that if utilized in truthful alignment and steady forward flow, trusting that it is leading you correctly, will result in great progress. But on the other hand, there is a strong undercurrent (and I use that term rather than a negative term) that seeks energetic feeding in order to disrupt the possibilities, offering another alternative. Generally, such dual energy is present in some form anyway. But now is there a greater force at work here that offers transformation, and that is why awareness is now so crucial to maintain. I look upon you all as on the verge, the brink of change, and it can go either way at this point. But I must say that you seem to be learning some good lessons and the flow of good energy remains high.

Your job this week, My Dear Readers, is to remain positively intending of good, aligning with the truths that will be revealed. The time of uncovering remains active. The bedcovers will continue to be pulled back and hidden agendas and intimate secrets revealed. Forthcoming enlightenments are to be expected.

Do not run in shame, or in despair at what you will see and hear over the next few days. Do not deny the truths that will speak louder than words out of the mouths of your great speakers and pundits. Do not dismiss the likelihood of such truths, as yet still hidden, for they will prove true. Such truths will throw you into a time of great uncertainty as how to proceed in your own individual world, in your near world, and in the global world.

Do not fall for the quick and easy solutions of the majority rule, for such solutions hold no substance of change. It is the substance of change that you must focus on now and respond to with true actions. The results of such true responses will prove right, over time. Change is needed now in all aspects of life upon that earth. This must be your guiding intent and focus. How can we do things differently? Which choice is an arbiter of change? Which force of intent will move us in a new direction?

Are you speaking politically?

I speak in terms of growth, necessary on all levels of life. Yes, politically is there great necessity for drastic change and truthfulness to become the energetic intent. But beyond that, must you and your country be daring enough to declare this. In order for change in your country to happen, must there be action, and loss of self-righteous desires and ideals that no longer can carry forth cohesive energy. Too many people have woken up in America, and you do not want to fall back asleep now! Too few remain satisfied with continued desire to defend the powers that seek to maintain the illusions of safety and comfort. Such aspects must be pushed off the bargaining tables. Only true needs and true desires must be placed there for all to see and all to choose from.

Alignment with the truths of the self must be forthcoming in order for truths of the nations, the world, and the universe to become acceptable. If you remain tightlipped and firmly grasping hold of old ideas of the self, what will you offer a changing world? How will you be able to be an active member of a changing energetic environment if you cannot transform your own life?

Now is a time of energetic push for transformative change. It is time for the butterfly to emerge from its cocoon. But beware! The crow sits upon a branch nearby, intently watching its difficult birthing process, ready to swiftly snap out its sharp and mighty beak, ready to snatch that new life back into the darkness.

So please, be aware, My Lovely Emerging Ones, that the black crow of recapitulation is sitting nearby, observing the process, yet also ready to pull you all back into old patterns of denial, destructive habits, repetitive behaviors, and complacency. There are not only personal, but worldwide opportunities for growth and transformation and, equally, opportunities for the crow to feast.

But isn’t recapitulation necessary now too?

Yes, it is extremely necessary. But during this time, is there the possibility to get caught by the talons and beak of that crow of recapitulation, to get pulled back without awareness, and that is key, to maintain awareness at all times of the truths already revealed, the truths to come, and the truths to behold as you follow your path with awareness.

Your awareness will enable you to emerge, to skirt past the dark crow and to continue on, in spite of his presence. Your awareness will be most important as you make decisions and choices based on what you have learned, not forgetting or being drawn into darkness where clarity of vision is lost.

So now, today, do I suggest that your intent be on maintaining your awareness of self, of truths already revealed, and of your place upon a path of drastic change, personally and interpersonally, nationally and internationally. This is a time of great opportunity, My Dear Ones. Be alert at all times. Avoid the veils of illusion, the powers of many to deceive, and the greed of the hungry crows, literally and metaphorically. Good Luck!