#381 The Dark Serpent of Change Tangles with the White Serpent of Transformation

Dear Jeanne,
Today we start a new week. The intense energy of last week appears to have died down. What can we look forward to this week?

My Dear Readers, do not get fooled by appearances. While the intensity is toned down do not risk taking your eyes off the situations that remain brewing. Even a temporary respite leaves doors open for the wrong kind of energy to enter and wreak havoc. The Dark Side does show its face now as this time of seeming lull does attend upon your time frame. Vigilance and alertness are still called for My Dears, and your cognitive abilities are even more necessary now, as trickery is in the minds of those in power and those who seek power.

This trickery may not even be uppermost in the calculations of risks proposed, but (and this is a big but) they must consider all angles, and no angle is without its possibilities. Even the most negative and direst of possibilities will pass muster now, as the culmination of opposite powers does its dark work behind closed doors.

You seek truth. You seek purity and innocence. You strive for this in your own life and this is where you must remain focused. Do not look for those in political favor to be as innocent and truth seeking as you who do your recapitulation work so diligently are. This is a time of compromise for many who otherwise would ride the white horse of change through the veils of deception, enlightening you all. But the veils are being pulled tighter and tighter now, and your very truths are being locked and clamped down by those who seek more power over your world, your country, and even your very body and soul.

Are you speaking of the American political scene right now? And even the repercussions on the world stage?

I speak dually of the politics-as-usual playing out in America. One side speaks and seeks truth, but the other responds by digging deeper trenches around its coffers, seeking not exposure of how high its treasures loom into the night sky, or how valuable they consider their deceptively acquired gold. The coin is golden on one side, a treasure, but flip it over and it is but a dark hole that sucks into its depths the unsuspecting, hearing its tricky, confusing rhetoric that seeks to utterly fascinate with its deceptive thinking. Although this energy plays out now upon the world stage, deeply embedded in the internal affairs of America, so is this dark side interested in each and every one of you. For once it perceives weakness, and attention placed on the possibility of change based on its ideas, so does it perceive the greater possibility of roping you in, tying you down to it ideals, and then it will have you for its own purposes of perpetuating its greed.

Do not fall for this dark energy that tricks and twists the truth and presents a shiny picture that, in truth, is full of dark holes lightly covered over with a false veneer. Do not trust what is thrust before you as “the salvation.” Do not listen to the lies that even the good people among you are forced to concede to. This time of destruction will continue unabated now, for yet a time to come. The next few weeks may appear to be energetically calm, but beneath the surface the dark serpent of change does tangle with the white serpent of transformation.

This scenario is also going to be going on inside each of you. You may find your selves drawn back to people in your pasts who have meant much to you. You may find your selves caught in conversations that do not resolve, that do not accomplish what you know must be accomplished. You may be squabbling endlessly in messy confrontations with no point, no resolution, and really no heart as the basis. You may discover that your truths are constantly being revealed, yet are you unable to maintain awareness of them. You may also find that appearances, at first seemingly right and safe and good, soon slip into less appealing and undesirable patinas that you would rather no longer encounter.

To find the silver lining in all of this doom and gloom is to remain connected to inner self. This is what must be maintained and nurtured now, in order to keep a handle on the truth of reality. The true connection to innocent self, in order to be held in your awareness, must be properly, and with concerted effort, placed in your face, right before your eyes. Keep your eyes focused on this inner truth of self at all times.

If you must play in the projective field, which is also very active now, so do I ask that you consider that all projections are self studies, being presented for your growth. In order to really work this time must you see your self out there in the world, doing all those things you find so appalling, so disgraceful, so ugly, so disingenuous and dishonest. Place your self upon the faces of others and look for the quality being so boldly displayed and ask: “Where is that quality in me?” In this manner will your time in dark deception be well used, your ability to maneuver through this mess well managed, and your time well spent on growth.

Turn now from wanting, from even a hint of greed. There is enough of that already negatively impacting the energy. Turn inward where light and innocence seek your attention, cleaned and scrubbed clear of the sticky oil of deception that now seeks control in your outside world. Once that oil is smeared upon the truth, will it be difficult to clean it off and once again see the true picture.

Your good leaders are in battle now with those whose hands are sticky with that oil. Their clean hands take on dark smears at every handshake at the end of every deal now being made. The good ones seek to wipe it off, but it does not easily remove before the next deal is struck and the next oily hand extended. Watch out now as presentations of compromises are presented. Do not trust the outcomes, but keep in your hearts the truths that the good ones seek also to hold in their hearts.

Maintain now an energy of good. Allow the white serpent inside you to hold onto its purity for the right reasons, even as it must go to battle with the oily dark serpent inside you, each confronting the conflicts and controversies that now will rise up during this dark time of change that is upon your world.

Maintain your inner lights now, My Dear Ones. Your seeking self will not let you down. Your truth seeking politicians will not let you down either. Let them proceed with the deals being made, but await further truths being revealed at a later date that will expose the utter truths not now ready for your ears and eyes. Prepare your self for the bright light to come. It may be blinding after all this darkness, but if you have been preparing, by staying in your own light, so will you be able to handle it.

Truths are now difficult to see and hold onto; that is the truth of these next few weeks. But maintaining awareness of good, of honesty, and of desire for innocence to become known are the sparks that must guide you all now. Use your handhold on these inner truths to light your way. Keep your hands in front of you, pulling aside the veils, dark and numerous though they may be.