#382 Change Your View of the World-Turn it Upside Down

Dear Jeanne,
Well, the energies continue to amaze, push, and challenge. In spite of all the problems in America and the world, I feel a strong sense of hopefulness on the verge of finally being allowed expression. Can you offer us guidance as we begin a new month of change?

Do not harbor negative qualities of despair, but do indeed turn now to hopeful murmurings that may further your intent to grow and evolve. Within each one of you, is this a good time to allow positive outlook to well up on your horizon. Look not at your feet so much now, but look outward upon the horizon where change looms as a mighty sun rising.

You have been in much contemplation of self lately and this can get a little incestuous. It allows your focus to hone in on what needs attending to, but too much self-focus can get boring and a little too conceited, especially if you are around others who cannot look up beyond their own feet either. What kind of companion is that who does not look upon the horizon and see that, indeed, time has passed, things have changed, and a new hope is on the brink of emerging to offer new energy?

Your times of self-contemplation, self-discovery, recapitulation, and internalizing must continue at all costs, but seek now a new balance. Reassert your self. Reposition your self. Realign your self now, by bringing your eyes up to focus on the measured stability of the horizon.

Your inner life must be maintained, but I suggest that you wake up a little more each day to what is going on outside of you. For in so doing will you have access to the signs and synchronicities that are available to you. Remain too deeply in your inner work, and you will miss what is being presented to you.

I find that those of you who ask for help and for signs that you are on the right path often do not see what is being offered to you, or you misinterpret, based not on evolutionary ideas, but because you remain stuck in an old world. You must keep up with a changing world by re-seeing it now in a different manner.

Do not simply look up and see the same world today. But look up and see it with different eyes, based on all the hard work you have done and all the things you have learned as you have progressed. See the world differently and in so doing open your self to the absolute possibility of hopefulness for the future.

Allow the future to begin today by disregarding your old ideas of life, of your own life, and of the world around you as you have thus far perceived it, observed it, and thought about it. Notice your comments, your ideas, your constructs, and turn them upside down. As you gaze upon the horizon, observe that you have never really noticed the world around you before. Everything is not as you thought! Everything is different now because you must make the point to perceive it differently. You must make a concerted effort to actively participate in a changing world by first changing your view of it.

With this energetic shift in perception will you be in complete control of acquiescing to your journey. I know that many of you have a hard time understanding what I mean by acquiescing. It is not an easy thing to do, you say. But I say, you have no choice in the matter, except to choose to be alive. If you are alive, you do in fact acquiesce every day to your life as it is played out step by step. But if you want to be in control, then I suggest that you acquiesce to your journey by perceiving it differently.

If you look at your world and see the same old humdrum world that you are so bored with, so complacently going along with, so are you not at all in control. You are simply an automaton; robotically moving in a stagnant scene you call your life. But if you look at your world and recreate it, so that things are different, beginning with your very body, so will you begin to participate in acquiescing to your journey.

Look at your body and dismiss your usual mantras regarding this physical self. Change them to something else. Instead of negative ramblings, select energetically positive sayings such as:

I am an energetic being who inhabits this amazing construction that is my body.
I energetically choose to participate in becoming aware.
I intend awareness of self as I energetically move in this world.
As I move, I shift the air before me. I push it away.
I am in control of the air around me by my very presence in this world.
I cause shift, simply by being.
I cause shift, simply by moving.
I cause energetic ripples,
repercussions that flow outward from my physical energy body,
right out to the far horizon.
I think about my body as an energetic force.
I am energy.

You see! You can immediately feel differently by becoming energy. And by becoming energy, and perceiving everything else as energy, so do you now acquiesce to an energetic journey. If you can keep this idea of being energy in your thoughts and actions today, so can you release your self from the old world and create a new world. I would advise this as good evolutionary activity. It will help you all, as your world changes and tumbles upside down.

If you look for it to be what it once was, you will not be able to get back on your feet. You will be completely disoriented and immobilized because your old horizon will not exist any longer. But if you can begin to accept your energetic qualities and components of self as energy, so can you not only survive the tumbling down of your world as you know it, but you will land lightly upon your feet in the new world. It will become clear that you must shift your perceptions to energy in order to not only survive, but evolve. Everything is energy!