#378 Accept Your Appointment with Evolutionary Growth

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us as we begin a new week? What can we expect from the energy and how can we continue to use it rather than be confused by it?

Do not be so troubled by the intense energy shifts and the revelations now and soon to be made known to you. Your intent must remain upon growth, personal growth and evolutionary growth. It is most advisable to remain strongly heart-centered as you go forward now.

Yes, there is much turmoil around you now, and even inside you, as the energy continues to push you in a direction of change that will matter, asking you to make decisions that will also matter, though they may also disrupt the flow of your life and appear to shift you in the opposite direction. But this is right, if you know that your heart yearns for such shift in direction. You will know by the balance of inner calm knowing and outer anticipation and excitement, as you elect to make a change that may at first appear to be drastic and challenging.

Do not hold your self back from accepting your appointment with evolutionary growth. In order to embark on this journey must you be ready and able to encounter the shifts in direction that must be taken note of and actualized. It is not enough to take a journey that simply notices the signs that point the way for you. But you must elect to move in the direction they point out to you when you know, by your inner resonance, that such a direction is right for you.

This is definitely a challenging energy time. It will be so for quite a while, long enough to offer many opportunities to change direction and to move in new directions, if you so desire. And that is the main issue here. You must each confront, within your selves, whether or not you truly desire to change? Are you ready and willing to take on this boosting energy that will, in fact, send you on quite a journey if you accept it as your impetus, your companion, and your ever-present enlightening force? Do you really wish for such change in your own life now? Even as you observe that change is needed in the world around you, so must you elect to participate by putting your self out into the flow of it.

I see so many of you confused in your lives right now. This confusion is also part of this energy; for it is so pushy that you cannot help but feel it. It may be more apparent to you than your sense of direction, or your noticing of signs, or your sense of self at this time. This is very common. So do not worry that you are losing your sense of direction, or that you are just a totally confused mess. The energy is letting you know it is available, and that is all you really need to know at this point if you have not found your focus, your direction, or your equilibrium.

By simply accepting that the energy is available can you relieve your self of its intensity. This is what I have been suggesting that you do and I continue to suggest this activity. Say to your self: “Okay, I accept the fact that the universe is offering tremendous energetic support. But I will not simply allow myself to be drawn in to it and risk being sucked away by its intensity. I prefer to monitor my own sense of well being, my own sense of place, and my own inner knowing based on who I know I am. I am a conscientious, mature, and intelligent being who is in the process of discovering my spirit intent and this is where I will place my focus. I will not get drawn out to the energetic craziness that is playing out all over the world. I prefer to stay calmly centered now, aware of my own needs to use this energy properly, so that I can allow myself to move forward, with my intent to evolve as my goal. Rather than simply jumping into the energy because it is present, I elect to sit a while longer and contemplate which direction of change really resonates with me.”

My Dearest Ones, this is a time of deep reflection. It is a time of inner searching. It is also a time of uncovering. What is being revealed must be further examined and accepted as truthful revelations that have thus far driven the world you live in. And in spite of the direction thus far taken, so is there always the possibility to elect a new direction, a change that will turn you around in a completely new direction. But as I say, you must elect this change based on what is clearly being shown to you now.

What you don’t like, what you see that is wrong, irresponsible, immature, and utterly and clearly corrupt must be fully acknowledged and left behind. Your own intent must remain focused on personal growth now in order for greater change to happen. All of you must reject negative activities, dishonest and irresponsible acts of personal, professional, and social injustice. You must all clean up your acts and rid your selves of confusion regarding what is right doing and what is wrong doing. You must become aware that every action you take in your lives affects everything else around you.

So for today, and to begin this week, I continue to advise inner contemplation based on outer truths now being revealed. Question your intent, your purpose in life, your meaningful activities versus your wasted energy. Find your resonance now, your inner resonance, during this time of great outer turmoil and you will be well on your way to making the right choices. Your inner you will not fail you, though your inner you may certainly challenge you! And that, My Dears, is what you must confront–the challenges that you are placing before your selves! Good Luck!