#377 The Energy Will Play Out Where Most Necessary

Dear Jeanne,
This has been quite a week. I understand that this is a time of great energetic shift. Can you offer us guidance on how to deal with this energy over the next few days?

Allow your selves the understanding that you cannot control the energy around you, but you can control how you choose to engage it. Your attachment to the energy is your greatest discordant action at this time. By this I mean that if you remain focused on what is happening around you, so do you risk discordancy in your own life.

The energy will play out its intensity where it is most necessary. Keep this in mind: it will play our where it is most necessary. This will be so on the political, social, financial, and internal fronts, but it will also do so within your own framework. So on an individual level may you now be confronted with your own greatest fears and conflicts, which are about to crumble or are in great need of shoring up. But realize that you are in control of how you react. Do you elect to fall down upon the ground, a great weeping heap of debris? Or do you elect to remain standing, stiffening your legs with your inner strength, and preparing your self to not only take on, but handle from a new perspective, your fallibilities?

Where are you personally structurally unsound? Where do you need to place your intent? Where are your weak points and the gaps in your positive intent to grow?

Please use this time of turmoil well, by searching your selves, your hearts, your homes, and your daily lives for the truths of how you have chosen to live. Now is a time of revealing, as the energy rips off roofs and covers and shows what is underneath. Have you not discovered, lately, some truth about your own life that does truly need attention? This is what the energy seeks to show you, but you must elect to look at it from a spirit growth and evolutionary perspective, rather than a financial security perspective, or from the point of view of a collapsing structure. Yes, structures may be unsound, but what does it all mean from an evolutionary standpoint and, most importantly, what does it mean for you?

Your personal growth is now affected in some way. Are you ready to take the evolutionary journey in a new way now as this time of disruption offers you the opportunity to shift?

You are all being offered the opportunity to do things differently. Your countries, your individual lives, and your very planet are being offered a new door to select as your next pathway. Or do you elect to take the same path, stay with the current situation, placing band-aids upon your cuts and bruises, shoring up your flimsy structures with temporary beams? Or do you say: “Hey, wait a minute! This isn’t right! This has been going on for long enough! I’m not prepared to keep up this facade of stability based on old tactics, old fears, old habits, and pretty old and worn out structures that just aren’t able to hold up any more. This is absurd!”

Are you ready to admit that things have gotten out of hand; that it is time to change? Are you ready to admit that life needs to be lived, not only differently, but with spirit intent now? I ask all of you to take a leap of faith here, to offer your selves the opportunity to move forward in a new direction that will undoubtedly change your lives, the lives of those around you, and the world at large.

You are being offered a new door now. You are being shown that life can and should be lived differently because it will not continue as it does. No matter what you think will happen, so will it be different. Your process must now be one of acceptance of the true facts being revealed to you. This is your first step in making changes, accepting the inevitability of change happening all around you, against your will, but happening nonetheless by energetic force, unstoppable energy. You are being asked, most forcefully, to change your life in some manner. Depending on who you are and where you are in your life so is this request for change present in some fashion. No one is exempt from this energetic proposal to make a big shift now. There is not one place on earth that is exempt; not one person relieved of this duty. In some manner is every single human being affected by this energetic shift now taking place.

As a great tidal wave of energy asks you to change your life what will you do? Will you try to run and hide; pull the covers back over your head? Well, you won’t be able to stay hidden under the covers because the energy will continue to rip them off you. It will continue to blow aside your attempts to stay hidden. This energy is asking all of you to participate in the change that is now rattling your doors and windows and shaking you to your very cores.

Your heart knows this is so. And even though you may be afraid, even though you may feel on shaky ground (which is true!) so must you accept the inevitable, whatever it may be in your life. Go forward now with your intent placed forth ahead of you, your own intent to gain control of your life, with your spirit guiding you now, rather than your old habits and your old ideas.

Shift from your head to your heart now. It is the only aspect of self that will make sense as the declines continue and the shake-ups reverberate, revealing yet more catastrophes around the world. The greatest uncovering has yet to come.

Be prepared by strengthening your own conviction to remain centered and calmly heart balanced. For even as the world around you may tumble, its own greed consuming it, so may you stand tall and stable, a spirit warrior intent upon change and restructuring your life based on truth revealed, with right action as your new building blocks.

So hold now in your awareness your firm spirit intent to proceed forward, no matter what may be predicted. It is the only way to enact real change that will be evolutionary for all.