#379 Do Not Fall For Anything That Looks Too Good To Be True

Dear Jeanne,
Can you offer us some guidance for today?

My Dear Ones, remain innerly centered now during this time of continued turmoil. Your place will not be disrupted, your flow not blocked if you remain innerly concentrated. I do not mean doing this in an obsessive, stuck way, but as a calm and observant being who knows that all difficult situations pass, things do begin to change, and shift will come.

These are good things to keep in mind as you go through your days and as you pay attention to your own world, your world of family, work, and play, but also your outer world and what is going on in the community in which you live. There will continue to be disruptions and many excuses will be posed. Do not listen to the excuses, but look instead for the truths behind the excuses. This is what all must do now, as they consider not only what is going on in the world outside of them, but also in the inner world that is so important.

Your inner world may now reflect the turmoil and disruptions of the outer energy. This is common. Do not get caught feeling dismayed or puzzled or lost. Allow your inner seeking self to sit back from the fray, observe it truthfully from a place of no attachment and then see what your feelings are. To be able to detach from circumstances that are conflictual is quite a necessary and reasonable stance to take. In detachment will you observe a new awareness that you may not be able to achieve if you remain in your tumbled world of rationality and reasoning that holds you captive in repetitive thinking, and thinking that cannot quite leap beyond the norm.

It is time to think differently now about just about everything in your world. But it is also time to sit back and observe, notice, and begin to make plans for doing your life differently. There is a new energetic shift now that asks for truth to be spoken and acted, but it also warns of catastrophe if you do not act from a place of detachment. It is far too early to get caught in this teasing energy that now sweeps in to confuse you even more!

Do not attach to yet more strange and unnatural tales of deception, but sit back and see what else will be revealed. For this continues to be a revealing time and more news is to come, but it may be unclear and slightly deceptive in how it is presented, so do not fall for anything that looks too good to be true.

Do not listen to stories of grandeur and overflow. And do not jump to conclusions in your own life either, but wait out this hailstorm of controversy, confusion, and conflict that is about to rain down on your world. This process is inevitable, unstoppable. Your best course of action however, in such times, is to remain steadily calm, pragmatic, and continually looking ahead to long-term affect, questioning always your inner self.

Where do you want to be in your life in one month’s time? Where do you want to be in your inner world? Well, you will not achieve either dream if you listen to the nay-sayers, or even the truth-diggers outside of you. Yes, their predictions may be correct in the long run, but what does that truly have to offer now? You must remain innerly focused now, strong upon your warrior legs, your feet firmly planted in the truth of your reality, no matter what is presented to you from without. Remain steady now, My Dears, that is the best advice I can give you.

On the other hand, please do not forget to enjoy every minute of your life upon that earth. You are there to learn about your self, but it is not a bad idea to enjoy your learning experiences too! Continue your hard work on the self; maintain your diligent awareness of the signs in your life, but pay attention to the inner you who does truly know when it is time to work, when it is time to resort to a calm inner place of contemplation, and when it is time to play and be in the energy of the world around you. This inner you is the one to listen to.

Good Luck as this new energy bursts forth upon you and then comes to a grinding halt, throwing you all forward with an abruptness that will wake you up. But will you wake up clearheaded and truthfully aware? Or will you wake up dazed and confused? Unfortunately, I do not have an answer for you. That is what you must take care of answering your selves, by going innerly and solving your riddles by listening to your hearts.