#375 The Buffeting Winds of Change

Dear Jeanne,
What advice can you offer us today, as we begin a new week?

Beware of the aftermath of volatile and abrupt confrontation with the possibility of change. Your job now, My Dears, becomes one of remaining calmly stable, seemingly unaffected by the world around you, yet highly alert to it as well. By this, I mean that staying calm, while storms rage all around you, is the best process to engage at this time.

The energy now will turn and turn again, shifting quite often, creating one situation that appears untenable and then quickly producing another. This is not a time to get engaged in these swiftly moving aspects of energy, but to remain calm, centered, balanced, and innerly focused.

I do not anticipate that this time of shift will subside soon, so be ready for a long process. My best advice is to keep your focus on remaining in a calm state of flux, unattached and unaffected by that which you hear pronounced, and calmly centered on your future of growth and change.

This is a time when change must be in the forefront of your awareness. This is a time when the volatility will bring you to that place that you have desired, but it will not be a smooth ride, nor will it be easy on a day to day basis. But I stress that this is the energy that will push you forward now, and it is exactly what you have desired and waited for. If you do not acknowledge this to your self, then are you not speaking honestly.

Many of you have already elected to flow with the changes in your lives and this time now will further deepen and enhance your commitments to change. Others of you who have sat upon the fence, wary of stepping onto new ground, will now be confronted with the buffeting winds of change urging you to go for it.

I can only say, again and again, that this is inevitable, this is necessary, and yes, this is even desired change. So do not fight your opportunity to be swiftly helped along by the possibilities that are offered by such volatile energy to advance change upon that earth. The times you now live in have not tasted such energy before, but the memory of such flavor remains in your knowing. For you have all had such opportunity before, when you chose not to change, but instead hunkered down and took the battering storm at your backs, as if you deserved it. But that is not the way to proceed any longer.

Times have changed greatly, My Dears, and you are asked to honestly confront your fears, both your deeply ingrained fears that prevent your actions, and your fear of change, and instead move forward now as the energy asks, again and again, for real and vital energetic choices of change. Times are different and your own inner self is awake now, more aware than ever that the old ways are no longer fulfilling. Time to take a new route, a fresh path, make a better life based on your own inner truth and not someone else’s.

Do not fear the unknown, for it does not exist. Nothing exists yet in the future. Nothing is waiting for you, except the possibility of everything. The choice is yours though. Do you go forward now, totally open, and freely aware that your decisions and choices based on truth will present you with your future?

It is choosing time now. Do you choose with trust in your self, or do you choose with fear?