#376 You Are But One Breath

Dear Jeanne,
Our world is experiencing the chaos you predicted last week. There has been a devastating hurricane in Texas and the financial sector of the United States is in grave condition. This is a time for us all to make some decisions about how we can change our country, and ultimately our selves. What advice and guidance can you offer us as this energy of change continues to push us along?

You are right, My Dear Jan, change is being requested of all of you. Not only change that will protect, but also change that will transform and really make an impact around the world. This is not a coincidence that such failures upon the shores of the US are being exposed now. Structurally is that country no longer the sound and domineering strength it once was, but it crumbles at its base, revealing weakened supports, liable to collapse at any time. The hurricane you speak of is but one example of what can happen when heed is not taken to either shore up or retreat from the impact of inevitable natural disaster.

The financial situation in your country is another natural disaster, My Dears; so do not take it personally. Do you find your selves now penniless, or even simply stunned at the outrageous and irresponsible tactics taken by those whose hands are in the coffers and realizing that there is not much security in such gold? So what do you do without money? How will that country run if out of oil, gas, and money?

What about abiding by the rules of nature and allowing nature, energy, the sun and moon, night and day to once again determine your actions? You know that winter is soon upon you. Have you prepared? Or have you forgotten how to prepare? Do you simply know that you will survive because it has always been so? Well, things have already changed and they will continue to change in the US and around the world. This is a time to live an active life, to get off your high stools where you have had the privilege to sit and observe life around you for so long. Now it is time to realize that you are not in a privileged position, not an observer of life, but that you must in fact actually partake in life.

This is not only true for my many Friends and Readers in the US, my own country of origin in my last life. This is true for the advanced civilizations around the world who have lived privileged lives based on a worldwide economy that can no longer bear the weight of the needs of those privileged countries. Your needs have outpaced the world’s resources, My Dears, and this is true in so many areas.

In order to return to a pace of life that is more in sync with nature, with the tides, with the abundance of earth’s bounty (and it is truly bountiful) must you determine what is most important to you in your lives. Who are you really? Why are you there? What is your mission? Once again, I return to these basic questions of purpose for living. How can you continue to live lives of meaning if you have not truly investigated the meaning of your own existence?

I do not mean to imply that you, My Dearest Readers and Journeyers, are responsible for all the devastation upon that earth. But you are; in fact, by being part of that human race of course part of the problem. Even in your evolved state so do you perpetuate the initial injuries by not actively changing the way you do business and utilize the world’s resources.

In order for true change to happen, so must you remind your selves each day that you do not own the world, but that you are but one breath, one slight human form, one energetic being who needs that world for your very survival.

You cannot plant your self in soil that is contaminated and expect to flourish. You cannot breathe air that is putrefied and expect to have pure breath. You cannot eat and drink of earth’s bounty if you have not cared for it properly, for there will not be any. Your sustenance does not come from financial markets but from farmers’ markets and the markets that provide you with your spiritual sustenance.

In order for change to truly happen, My Dears, must you return to the earth, for that is why you are there, to experience life upon that earth. Do you wish to experience the plastic movie set of earth, where everything is unreal, distant, and untouchable because you sit upon your director’s stool? Or do you wish for real experiences of real people upon real ground that rumbles and trembles and blows apart in hurricanes? Now that is real energy of real earth; and only such real power can offer real shift!

I suggest that drastic measures may be the only means by which change can really happen. Only the most abrupt of circumstances will shake you awake enough, and I fear that you have not yet had enough shaking up. The energy is intent upon its mission of awakening.

Notice what is happening in your own lives, My Dears. Where are your own disasters and awakenings taking place? Where are your feet? Are they upon the rungs of a director’s stool, or firmly upon the ground? What choices for change are you making? Do you trust the energy to lead you correctly? I certainly would.

This time will not end softly, but firmly, with a thud. And this you must prepare for, even as you now must prepare for winter. Be one with nature, for it is trying to tell you something. Watch what is going on around you. The critters of the earth and the creatures of the sky work hard just to survive now. Observe and take action. It is your opportunity to not only change, but to become a new kind of inhabitant of that earth. Your leaders cannot do this for you. You must all do it for your selves. Then will you have the change you so desire.

Good luck, My Dear Ones. Life is very exciting, don’t you think? Abide by new laws, new thoughts, new seeing, and new actions now. Be different. Be aware. Be earth bound. Be alive upon that planet in a new way!