#374 Invite Your Self to a Moving-On Ceremony

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of us who are interested in the guidance you offer?

Do not falter in your convictions to stay upon the spiritual path though your days and nights may be fraught with disappointments and meanderings that you had not planned on. These are the challenges and the confrontations with reality that all must bear and all must accept as chores that lead to growth. I have spoken recently about the tidal wave of energy that seeks to interrupt your progress, that also seeks to shake you awake and perhaps knock you off your seat of complacency.

Do not dismiss the energy, for it carries with it always lessons to be learned. Do not hold your self too harshly accountable for the decisions you make as this energy unseats you, for it is obviously helping you to grow. The energy is asking for you to grow, to take innerly all that you have learned over the past few weeks, and to invite your self to a moving-on ceremony. It is time to underscore your truths of selfhood, to take on the mature, decisive actions that will move you on to a new place now.

Do not stand upon your path in one place any longer. Now is the time to move on, to choose your next step in evolutionary growth, whatever that may be in your life. It may entail only you; a decision to stick to your well-laid plans in spite of difficulties, back sliding, and interruptions by outside energies and others who do not comprehend your choices. Or your next move may entail a practical physical change that will outwardly affect you and others. Whatever your most necessary step is now is the time to make it, while the energy sits back a moment and watches what you decide to do.

This is the calm before the storm, so to speak. This is the utter knowing, the clarity that dawns upon you with such blatant and open insight that you cannot deny the reality of your place upon that earth. This is a time of personal revelation with utter knowing of consequences and it is up to each of you to determine how you will react to your truth being revealed to you so clearly.

I attempt now to urge you to accept your challenges with mature decision making, with truth speaking its clarity, with your heart open and ready to accept it. Base your next move on this inner truth, this inner you who so purely desires change that is focused on your inner spirit self and not on your outer projective ego self.

The energy sits back and awaits your decision, but it will not wait for long. So I suggest that you make your choices, set your plans, and determine your future; at least your most present future. The one that is right around the corner, the next few hours, the next few days, the next few weeks. Set your course, My Dears, and then stand strongly balanced in your heart-centered choice of change; firmly rooted in your convictions; standing in your truths; ready to act upon your choices.

The energy will come back upon you with a vengeance as this time of lull swiftly reverts to a time of chaos. There will be many things to confront in a few days time as this energy swirls up a storm of controversy, of delightful play, and incredible steam that will wish to play out in extraordinary ways and may knock you farther along your paths of challenge than you had anticipated. But know this, even now before the future unfolds in bizarre ways: You are safe. You are protected. You are choosing to lead a life of spirit and with inner spirit as your decision maker. Remain focused on this aspect of inner knowing self and you will do very well as things shift and become quite animated and volatile, yet also revealing of that which must be revealed in order for true progress, growth, and truth to prevail.

If you cannot accept your own truths, already so clearly revealed to you, how do you expect the world around you to accept the truths being revealed and so energetically pointed out? If each of you stays upon the path that is truly right for you, so do you energetically combat negative thinking and illusions that are daily presented. By turning your inner focus on achieving your own goals, so do you offer positive change as a new energetic component to be reckoned with upon that planet. Your life affects everything around you. By your choices do you affect how the world functions, how the world evolves, and how the world changes.

Remember, you are the choice maker in your own life and that is a most important aspect of who you are in the greater world. Be a good citizen of world change by being a good citizen of your own inner changes that are asking for your actions to be truthful, to be right, and to be clearly made for those reasons; because they are true and they are right. That’s all you need to do to move along on your path and take the next step. Walk in your truth.