#373 An Alignment That Will Aid Growth, But…

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for all of us today?

Anticipate success with all of your endeavors of self. Your projects of growth and determination to evolve are well supported and heavily protected now as a new phase is upon you.

What do you mean by new phase?

I speak in astrological terms, for they are most familiar to those of you who reside upon that earth. Many of you are aware of the factors of planetary alignment and the powers of the sun and moon in conjunction with each other and other planetary objects. For now is there an alignment that will aid growth. This I have been preparing you for over the past few months as I have taught you how to interpret the energy around you and how to use it well. I continue to urge you to recognize the energy, be aware of its intensity, but do not get drawn into it, or you will be lost in it. It will consume your own good intentions, for its own purposes, leaving you exhausted and dazed.

In order to remain alert and aware during this time of alignment, must you organize your self each day, aligning your intentions with your own energy. Do not overdo or over stress, but remain cognizant of how you are feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally. Do not allow any aspect of self to react or overreact in such a manner that you deplete your energy reserves.

The outer energy is interested in stealing your energy and it will do so in quite a sneaky and underhanded way. It will try to fool you, to create an illusion that seeks to trick you into accepting the picture it presents as reality. Your awareness must stay alert and you must question everything over the next few days. Even as you are full of good energy, and feeling enlightened and positive, so must you be aware to not overdo even your enthusiasm for life.

As you feel the good positive energy that is in you and outside of you, so also be aware of other negative energy that is a necessary balance. But you do not want the negative balancing energy seeping in through your doors and windows. Seek instead to balance your lives and activities, and work and play, with your own inner calm. Seek balance with outer forces by maintaining inner stability. In this manner may you smoothly navigate this time of great energy with great success.

I do not anticipate that the negative energy will prevail, or that its illusions will be long lasting, for you are all too smart and too aware to fall for its proposals. Even if you are fooled by it, your right mind and right thinking self will rescue you pretty quickly.

So for this day, and the next few, do I advise that you fully enjoy this time of good energy. Use it well, for growth and to propel you forward on your journeys. But also be very aware that there are hungry flyers seeking sustenance and they are very tricky beings. So be aware, at all times, that even though the energy is providing you with incredible stamina in all aspects of life, so must you not overdo in any manner, or you will become fodder for such hungry energy.

That is the best advice I can offer you today. Do not be fooled by the trickster energy. Stay balanced and innerly centered. Accept and use the good energy, but reject the bad energy that rides its coattails, seeking entry and sustenance upon your eager brow. Do not feed the hungry beast, but do feed the nurturing one. You will have to decide what that means in your own life. Good Luck!