#372 Each of You Has a Choice to Make Today

Dear Jeanne,
Can you offer us some guidance today?

Do not falter in your progress by attaching to old ideas of the self. You are all on new paths now, changing every day because you are choosing to live life in a different manner now. This is your changing self who pushes for enlightenment, experience, and who is eager for new adventures, not the old self. The old self must be left behind now.

You come seeking advice on spiritual growth and revelation because your spirit draws you to seek. Do not hesitate to acknowledge this strong aspect of self, this character within who speaks so clearly at times, who allows you to grow and acknowledge the mysteries of life, the joys of life, and the interesting possibilities of life.

I am here as a guide, but all of you have within you your own guide, your own spirit who knows exactly what I know, who seeks even as I do, and who wishes to invite you to keep learning about life, even as I do. Your life is not just as you see before your eyes because your eyes do not reveal to you all that is there. Your eyes see only what you already know, but they do not see that which has not been revealed. Only your spirit can lift the veils from your eyes and allow you to see all that is truly right before your eyes.

I ask you to be daring in order to access your own me, your own inner spirit connection. I ask you to trust, to determine that yes; you are fully willing to take the journey that is proposed to you. Each of you has a choice to make today. Do you choose to dare your self, or do you choose to keep the veils in front of your eyes?

Do you desire change? In order to have access to change must you decide to accept the change that is now possible. You must dare your self to accept your choice of change. You must allow your self to take a new step on your journey. Your next step may be tiny and incremental, or it may be giant, monumental, and without a doubt earth shattering to you and others in your life. Your choice may be an inner choice, or it may be an outer choice. It may be intensely private and personal, or it may be a choice that encompasses many worlds. Your choice may be sad but necessary. Or it may be delightful and heart-flutteringly loving. Your choice may be full of fear, yet also full of courage. Your next step may lead you into the unknown, or it may lead you into the known. It may be avoidable, or it may be unavoidable, but whether clear or not, so is it necessary to make a choice today, to do something that will aid you in your growth.

There is energy to accompany you now. As I have said over the past few weeks, so must you accept this fact of energetic support. Do not fixate on it, but do allow it to be your partner, your silent partner who knows all the details but remains incognito, while at the same time powerfully present.

Know that you are supported. Know that your spiritual, evolutionary growth is desired, is anticipated, and that victory is undeniable. Know that whatever you undertake during this time of strong energetic, structured support will succeed.

The only thing lacking is your total acceptance of and trust in your self to take a new kind of journey based on your own yearning spirit for a journey that is directed from your truth. So that may be your first challenge today, to discover just what that first truth is. What is your spirit asking you to do today to stay in your place of truth?

Find your voice that speaks your truth. Stay with that voice of truth and allow your outer self to recognize this inner self who has been waiting for this opportunity to speak. This is a day for you to hear what it says. Rely on it, for tomorrow will be different. So don’t miss the opportunity to hear what your inner truth has to say to you today. It will be something quite necessary, quite enticing, and quite appropriate for where you are now and where you are going next. And then see what happens!