#371 Mirrors of Self

Dear Jeanne,
What guidance can you offer us today?

Do not forget that you are energetic beings. Do not forget that you are there upon that earth, inhabiting a place of life, for purposes of energetic growth. Without that learning ground would your progress be without beginning, for your time there is your beginning of opportunity.

This time now, of constant reminder of your humanness, must be utilized for your energetic self, utilized to grow, mature, and understand your place upon that earth and your reason for being there; your ultimate gift of life to your self. Why are you there? What gift do you offer your self?

You must answer these questions, but they are best answered in relationship to others. Your interactions with others, whether close and heartfelt or distant and narrowly connected, are your mirrors of self. Do not dismiss what you see in those mirrors so swiftly or easily, but peer into them and find the familiar. Only in seeking self in the actions and habits of others will you grow and evolve. To shut oneself off from the world will not serve you well. To branch off into self-centered or self-contained living will not allow you to ply your gifts among the many who will graciously receive them. To desert your own cause will not do anyone good, but may in fact cause harm; for loss of reflection will result in despair and depression.

What I am saying today is that in spite of the energy around you, seeking to push and to disrupt, so must you remain aware that it is necessary to be a part of the world, involved with others, for your sake and theirs. Do not so easily push others from you if they offend you or ask for your assistance. Find what they seek in you and allow your self to own that aspect. Do not deny the self, the human attributes that so beautifully define who you are in that world. Once you allow for your humanness to become acceptable to you, so do you offer it as a good reflection to others.

Today is a day to learn to love your self. Love the one you are right now, and begin with offering new energy to that human self by aligning with who you truly are. Do not deny aspects of the self, but accept them fully. Expect to have difficulties with this process, but allow your innocent self, your hiding self, your healthy self, your sad self, your off-kilter self to enter into your awareness and be acceptable, accepted, and known to you.

You are not bad or good. You do not have any firm commands hanging over you except to accept the truths that are waiting to be accepted and the truths that already exist. Can you not allow your self this luxury of acquiescence to the facts of who you are?

Once you do that, then do you have the opportunity to begin anew. If you can accept your humanness, so can you fit your energetic self into that human companion. If you can accept what you see in your mirrors, so can you accept what your spirit is urging you to do as well. You may not feel ready to combine these two aspects of self, but they are necessary for growth.

The human body is your vehicle. You must be in it in order to navigate your world. You must know it full well in order to be able to return to it when the time is right. When your spirit asks you to take a little trip to another reality, so must you always be able to return to your body, fully, so that you can function in the world you live in.

Your body is the vehicle for your spirit, but it will not last long or suit you well if it is not protected and tenderly treated as your worthy companion. Find today a new and stronger connection to your human form. Do this by confronting your truths. Keep your eyes wide open. Notice how you treat your self, how your body reacts, and then decide what is right for your vehicle.

Who drives your vehicle? Who takes care of it? Who is in charge? Remove the big baby from the driver’s seat, if that is who has slipped in unnoticed. Remove your parents, your old teachers and mentors from your vehicle too, and learn to drive it your self.

This energy of now will seek to overturn your convictions. This energy of now will introduce whacky ideas that are not conducive to true spirit growth and need. This energy of now will attempt a takeover, as I have said, but only you can allow that to happen. And I don’t think you are really interested in getting stuck by the side of the road any longer.

Perhaps your vehicle needs a nice shiny cleaning and that is all you will need to set you straight upon your path, proudly inhabiting your physical self and feeling like you again. Get back into your vehicles and drive well, with all your new rules well-learned. Be perfectly open to new growth and adventures as you go off into the next phase of your future, fully in charge, the real you. Be the right mature you, the one who can handle anything, the one who fully resides in human form.

It’s a day to be in your body and discover your truths, accept them, and take them forward with you, using them to grow.